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Global IT Maintenance

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Global IT Maintenance

Procurri is a 100% channel dedicated provider of independent IT maintenance for enterprise servers, storage, and networking. We work with 1,000+ channel partners to provide world-class support to their customers in over 100+ countries around the world ensuring they meet their SLA’s

Our third party maintenance solution is a perfect fit for your customers who want to extend the life of their IT assets and provide more affordable and flexible maintenance options once the OEM’s warranty period expires.

Procurri Global Maintenance Benefits Include:

  • Expert level 3 & 4 engineers
  • Customizable service level agreements
  • Flexible, short-term contracts
  • 24×7 “Follow the Sun” support model
  • Industry’s largest parts inventory
  • Coverage available in 100+ countries
global it maintenance services / global maintenance/ monitoring

Introducing the Procurri Genie

The Genie’s analysis and planning helps contribute toward our ultimate aims – to maximize value, minimize the impact on the environment and provide an unbeatable service to the end-user.

Elevate Your Data Potential with Procurri and Natrinsic Managed Services

Experience unparalleled support and optimization for your Teradata and Oracle Exadata Engineered Systems environments with Procurri and Natrinsic’s game-changing Managed Services.

NetApp Maintenance from Procurri, the world's leading independent provider of Third Party Maintenance

Procurri. We make IT easy. We make EOSL easy.

Several gaps are created in the IT channel when OEMs discontinue server, storage, and networking products and services that businesses have heavily invested in. Procurri helps fill those gaps by delivering the essential data center upgrades and services your end-users need; no matter the age, location, or specificity of the hardware.

global it maintenance services / global maintenance / monitoring

Support Portal Powered by Salesforce

Benefits of our online customer portal include faster case resolution, improved case management and communication, better contract management and account insights, and estate view of all assets, locations, serial numbers, and end dates.

global it maintenance services / global maintenance / monitoring

24×7 “Follow the Sun” Support

Procurri has 3 Network Operation Centers (NOCs) across the Americas, APAC, and EMEA to ensure non-stop IT maintenance service delivery that follows the sun. Our engineers analyze and address an issue the moment an alert is received and on average respond in under 10 minutes.

PRECISE Powered by Procurri

global it maintenance services / global maintenance / monitoring




global it maintenance services / global maintenance / monitoring

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global it maintenance services / global maintenance / monitoring

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global it maintenance services / global maintenance / monitoring

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global maintenance / lifecycle services / hardware support / distribution services / HPE parts provider / HPE Genuine Parts / HPE Certified parts / hardware distribution

Superior Parts Replacement

Procurri stocks $20M – $30M of enterprise data center hardware globally: a level unrivalled by any other third-party IT maintenance provider. Most competitors have no stored inventory at all and will scramble to drop-ship replacement parts to meet customer SLAs from the cheapest online source. This is not a risk Procurri is willing to take.

New, End-of-Life, and Refurbished Hardware Supply, including legacy hardware, from Procurri.

Procurri is 100% Channel Focused

We’re the only company that works in partnership with solution providers to provide maintenance to their end users. Whilst our competitors may sell directly to your customer, Procurri only partners with VARS and will never compete directly against you.

global it maintenance services / global maintenance / monitoring

Success Story: IT Maintenance Services to Global Giant

The need for a reliable organization to provide support on multiple product lines was paramount for this healthcare global leader. With adherence to a strict SLA, Procurri put into place a program to ensure all systems remained running with minimal downtime after a ticket is opened.

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