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Third Party Maintenance

What is Third Party Maintenance?

Procurri’s Third Party Maintenance can extend the lifecycle of hardware way past standard EOSL (End of Service Life) OEM dates, ensuring our partners can offer their end users support for as long as it is required. Partnering with us provides longevity and sustainability in equipment, maximizing its value and optimizing its performance with no discernible disruption to business-as-usual activity.

Procurri is the top Third Party Maintenance partner focused entirely on the channel and on achieving sustainability objectives alongside value maximization.


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How Does Third Party Maintenance Cut Costs?

Procurri’s Third Party Maintenance services can provide impressive financial savings compared to the investment of purchasing new equipment. Instead, businesses are able to operate on a reduced cost level for the servicing period and divert the saved funds either to the budget for future purchase or to another cost center as required.

What’s more, Third Party Maintenance is considerably cheaper in most cases than OEM support – despite access to the same level of expertise from Procurri technicians. It also lasts considerably longer and remains unconstrained by traditional OEM EOSL dates.

Third Party Maintenance Overview

Procurri is the top Third Party Maintenance provider in the channel, operating on a 100% independent basis with an expert team of specialist technicians around the clock. Our expertise varies across legacy systems of all types, shapes, and sizes and our maintenance provision covers storage, server, and networking systems.

Procurri’s Third Party Maintenance contracts don’t impede on existing OEM agreements and with support available across over 100 countries on a “follow-the-sun” support model, technicians are available at the touch of a button as needed. Our Global Maintenance services are available across all time zones and in a variety of different languages, to cater to all.

Third Party Support can be accessed on the phone, online, or via email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. What’s more, should in-person support be required for maintenance or break-fix aid, a technician will visit on-site and provide the physical provision. Disruption will be kept to a minimum and where possible, potential issues resolved before they arise or escalate – it’s all part of Procurri’s proactive support model!

Even legacy systems can be maintained and supported through Procurri’s Third Party Maintenance solutions; contact the team to enquire about your specific requirements.

Third Party Maintenance – Request A Quote

Our Third Party Maintenance contracts and packages are created bespoke to your needs. Contact the Procurri team to discuss options.

Procurri Third Party Maintenance Benefits

  • Affordable – Up to 70% savings compared to that of the OEM
  • Simplicity – Multi-vendor, multi-regional support via a single point of contact
  • Parts only, reactive and proactive offerings
  • Supports legacy equipment – through flexible and responsive organizational stances and service plans
  • Provides an entirely bespoke service – that works to the idiosyncrasies and unique requirements of each business
  • Increases uptime – and as a result, improves customer service to the end-user

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