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Sustainability at Procurri

As an experienced ITAD services provider, Procurri works to keep our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards as sustainable as possible by extending product life whenever possible to reduce society’s carbon and waste footprint.
Procurri targets itself with measurable yet ambitious environmental goals each year.

These goals differentiate us from other ITAD service providers as we work with our customers to extend the life of their IT infrastructure. At the same time, our ITAD program seeks to ensure a sustainable balance between the reuse and recycling of end-of-life hardware.

Introducing Procurri’s Sustainability Report 2022

A comprehensive overview of our commitment to sustainability and ongoing efforts to minimize our environmental impact. As a global leader in IT lifecycle services, we recognize the importance of operating responsibly and contributing to a more sustainable future.

The Layman’s Guide to Carbon Neutrality

Procurri is proud to be a certified Carbon Neutral Organization, accredited by the Carbon Footprint Standard. It’s no mean feat to operate in such an energy-heavy industry while offsetting all emissions, but it can be done.

Leading the Way: Procurri Maintains Carbon Neutral Status Since 2021

Procurri has successfully maintained our carbon neutral status since 2021 after undergoing annual assessments. We take pride in our commitment to sustainability, diligently measuring, reducing, and offsetting our carbon emissions.

Sustainable Development Goals – #13 Climate Action

Procurri has long worked to contribute toward 3 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in its everyday work, but now is adding a fourth string to its bow – in SDG #13, Climate Action.

Procurri Achieves Carbon Neutral Status

Procurri has been able to achieve an independently certified CO2 assessed status. Our efforts have resulted in Procurri achieving a Carbon Neutral status for our global operations spanning 4 continents.

Carbon Offset – New, updated Version 3 available

Where goods have no material value or use, we recycle on a ZERO landfill basis. Procurri’s expertise and Lifecycle proposition help maximize reuse, focusing on secure data removal whilst achieving strong financial returns for our customers.

A Beginner’s Guide to ESG Standards

What are ESG standards, what do they include, and how can Procurri help boost yours? Check out Mat Jordan’s latest blog to find out.

Procurri Sustainability

CRN Sustainable IT Project of the Year

One of Procurri’s more recent projects has been awarded a Sustainable CRN Tech Impact Award. Have you considered yet what we could achieve for your business?

Procurri Supports the Goals

We’re delighted to say we have achieved a 5-star rating in recognition of our support for the UN’s sustainable development goals. These goals help to tackle poverty, inequality, and climate change.

ESG at Procurri

Environmental and social sustainability will remain a critical topic for the channel in the 2020s and beyond. Our role will be to help others reduce their carbon footprint.

2021 Sustainability Report

This sustainability report covers our social, safety and environmental performance in 2021 and significant events for us during that year.

2020 Sustainability Report

This sustainability report covers our social, safety, and environmental performance in 2020 and significant events for us during the year.

2019 Sustainability Report

Procurri works to keep its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance positive by being a responsible, diverse, and equal opportunities employer, and extending product life where possible to reduce society’s carbon and waste footprint.

2018 Sustainability Report

Globally, IT and software firms can have significant environmental and social impacts. Procurri can work in partnership with our customers to reduce their carbon offset. Check out 2018’s sustainability report.

New, End-of-Life, and Refurbished Hardware Supply, including legacy hardware, from Procurri.

Procurri Certified Tape Media

We offer a complete global tape media disposal solution in a bid to change the way end-of-life tape media is managed and disposed of.

New, End-of-Life, and Refurbished Hardware Supply, including legacy hardware, from Procurri.

A New Sustainability Initiative

Sustainability has become higher on the agenda for the majority of companies. In order to align our services to the needs of our customers, and to be a pioneer within our own sector, we have elected to become an ITAD Partner of Circular Computing™.

We’ve Joined the Techies Go Green Movement

Techies Go Green are committed to de-carbonizing their businesses and making them green and verifiably sustainable. We are improving our energy efficiency and collaborating with our partners and customers with the aim of making our business carbon neutral.

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