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Procurri Maintains Carbon Neutral Status Since 2021

Leading the Way: Procurri Maintains Carbon Neutral Status Since 2021

Great news! Procurri has successfully maintained our carbon-neutral status since 2021 after undergoing annual assessments. We take pride in our commitment to sustainability, diligently measuring, reducing, and offsetting our carbon emissions.

Procurri regularly extols the virtues of operating sustainably and as a result of our own relevant commitments, has achieved certified Carbon Neutral status. There are many benefits to businesses in reducing their emissions, offsetting their carbon output, and eventually aiming to become carbon neutral. Here, we talk through the numerous advantages of organizations taking steps to work more sustainably. Can we convince you?

Sustainable Operations Lower Costs and Maximize Value

While many new initiatives and programs centered around sustainability may require an initial investment, there is a myriad of financial and value advantages to operating in a greener more ethical way long-term and overall.

For example, the extension of hardware past its End Of Service Life (EOSL) point with Third Party Maintenance allows businesses to avoid the expensive and time-consuming decommissioning and installation process of new equipment until it’s really required: maximizing the value of existing assets and providing time for budgets to be accumulated over time rather than splurged all at once. Over time, such service integrations hold financial and sustainable benefits.

Consumers Favor Businesses They Perceive to be Ethical

Consumer behavior changes all of the time and shifts in line with societal appetites and attitudes. Most recently, surveys and studies of consumers have found that the generations with disposal incomes and those behind primary tech purchasing are seeking out companies to purchase from and work with that they perceive to have an ethical focus.

This has led to businesses who choose to operate in a sustainable manner (and who communicate it well through their marketing) finding success amongst even the busiest and most crowded of marketplaces.

Carbon Offset Programs Help Provide Solutions to Climate Change

Many organizations offset their carbon emissions through the purchase of carbon credits that in turn fund projects aimed at combatting climate change. Such projects help provide solutions to climate change all over the world; including the decarbonization of electricity grids, the creation of energy efficiency measures, and the reduction of deforestation.

For many businesses, the contribution toward the wider effort to fight climate change would not be achievable in their day-to-day operations and so choosing to assist such projects through their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs offers an impact that’s broader than their usual scope.

Sustainable Companies Provide Good PR Stories and a Competitive Advantage

With consumer attitudes shifting positively toward organizations that operate ethically and sustainably, it’s no surprise that such businesses are achieving competitive differentiation and advantage in their respective marketplaces. However, the creation of positive public perception around a brand doesn’t just need to apply directly to its target market.

Sustainable operations provide good PR stories and opportunities and allow organizations to demonstrate their expertise in areas that show blue-sky thinking and innovation.

Ethical Operations Can Engage Staff and Enthuse Internal Teams

When an organization looks to operate in a manner that’s not the status quo, it affords the ability to engage and enthuse staff in a way that’s otherwise very difficult to accomplish. Working in a manner that’s sustainable and ethical provides purpose to employees as they’re able to see how their contribution matters to not just the business, but the world as a whole.

Furthermore, companies that “do things a little different” will prove an exciting prospect for those looking to work somewhere new and can make it easier for the organization to scout new talent as and when required.

The bottom line is that no matter how small the steps taken toward sustainable and ethical operations are, they are valuable to businesses as much as they are to society as a whole. There’s often more that can be achieved than many expect spanning more business areas than first anticipated (contact Procurri to talk through your processes and uncover opportunities for change!) and the benefits frequently prove more fruitful than assumed.

While total carbon neutrality may be the eventual goal, there’s much that can be done on the way – and the advantages of changing what can be improved, when it can be, accumulate over time positively. Businesses should not wait to start their sustainability journeys until they’re able to achieve everything at once; instead working to enact change over time. Everyone playing their part and doing a little will surely result in a huge impact.


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