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The Layman's Guide to Carbon Neutrality

The First Step to Becoming Carbon Neutral – Read Our Layman’s Guide

The Carbon Footprint Standard has certified Procurri as a Carbon Neutral Organization; meaning that we offset the same amount of emissions we create as part of our operations. Through globally recognized offset schemes, Procurri works with fantastic projects that work to improve environmental emission conditions around the world.

Procurri’s accreditation as Carbon Neutral is great news for those choosing to work with us – as they too can use this to boost their own sustainability credentials. Our commitment to the environment includes us sharing this with others, and this Layman’s Guide sets to do just this, by laying out:

  • What the Paris Climate Agreement is and the basis for it
  • How the Greenhouse Gas Protocol works
  • How carbon emissions are calculated under the GHG protocol
  • The carbon offset programs Procurri works with
  • How other organizations can benefit from Procurri’s Carbon Neutral status.

Procurri's Laymans Guide to Carbon Reporting

If you’d like more information on Procurri’s sustainability initiatives and commitments, speak to your account manager today!

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