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Procurri Certified Media

Procurri offers tape media that has been previously used. It is securely erased, completely wiped of all data via our SWAT technology, re-initialized, and then serviced to be as good as new.

Certified tape media offers your business cost-saving, efficiency, and environmental benefits, all backed by our 90-day money-back guarantee and complete lifetime warranty.

Benefits of Procurri-certified tape media

  • Original brand tapes
  • Every meter of every tape has been comprehensively securely wiped of data
  • Has previously only been used and stored in optimum conditions
  • Typically, has only been used for less than 5% of its recommended lifespan
  • An environmental and cost-effective tape supply option
  • Stats suggest less prone to error than new tape
  • Unlimited lifetime warranty
  • A no-risk 90-day money-back guarantee

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