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Procurri Achieves Carbon Neutral Status


Sustainability is what we do at Procurri, extending the lifecycle of IT assets and helping keep them out of landfills. Having collated our global facility’s Carbon data over the past 2 years Procurri has been able to achieve an independently certified CO2 assessed status and subsequently offset our emissions through recognized “certified programs”, our efforts have resulted in Procurri achieving a Carbon Neutral status for our global operations spanning 4 continents.

Being carbon neutral positively impacts our customer’s Scope 3 reporting, able to not only rely on our historical high-quality solutions for Hardware supply, 3rd Party maintenance, and IT asset disposals but now knowing it is all processed with a Zero carbon emissions facility – what’s not to like.

Visit the sustainability section at for sustainable information and ideas, including an overview of our journey to Carbon Neutrality, explanations of Scope 1, 2, and 3 reporting along with working methodologies on how we report and recognize carbon offset for our customer’s assets. You will also find solutions for carbon-neutral alternatives to new.

“It’s all about us all doing a little rather than relying on the few to do a lot.”

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