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Sustainability Reports

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Procurri Sustainability Reports

Welcome to our archive of sustainability reports. Here, you can explore our journey towards sustainability over the years and witness the evolution of our commitment to environmental responsibility, social equity, and ethical business practices. Each report highlights our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, support local communities, and promote diversity and inclusion within our organization.

Introducing Procurri’s Sustainability Report 2023

Explore our latest sustainability report 2023. From reducing our carbon footprint to fostering diversity, learn how we’re making a positive impact on the world around us.

Join us on our journey towards a more sustainable future.

Introducing Procurri’s Sustainability Report 2022

A comprehensive overview of our commitment to sustainability and ongoing efforts to minimize our environmental impact. As a global leader in IT lifecycle services, we recognize the importance of operating responsibly and contributing to a more sustainable future.

2021 Sustainability Report

This sustainability report covers our social, safety and environmental performance in 2021 and significant events for us during that year.

2020 Sustainability Report

This sustainability report covers our social, safety, and environmental performance in 2020 and significant events for us during the year.

2019 Sustainability Report

Procurri works to keep its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance positive by being a responsible, diverse, and equal opportunities employer, and extending product life where possible to reduce society’s carbon and waste footprint.

2018 Sustainability Report

Globally, IT and software firms can have significant environmental and social impacts. Procurri can work in partnership with our customers to reduce their carbon offset. Check out 2018’s sustainability report.

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