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CRN Sustainable Hardware IT Project of the Year

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CRN Sustainable Hardware IT Project of the Year

One of Procurri’s more recent projects has been awarded a Sustainable CRN Tech Impact Award – and given its impressive results, there’s no surprise it dazzled industry judges. This is just one of Procurri’s many and varied competitive deliverables… have you considered yet what we could achieve for your business?

Third Party

The client involved is a household name in the UK; a multinational infrastructure group that offers construction services, support services, and infrastructure investments. A public limited company, this firm has operated for over 100 years and by many measures is the largest construction contractor in Great Britain. With a net income of over £30,000,000 per annum and over 26,000 employees across the globe, this client was open to some serious streamlining and sustainability efficiencies.

Approaching Procurri

The nature of the client’s projects means that its staff is highly mobile; necessitating the reclamation of assets from the field upon completion of one project to be redeployed to the next. This was proving both expensive and complex to manage, resulting in much of the mobile asset base left unclaimed upon completion of the job in turn necessitating the acquisition of replacement laptops.

The client searched out a specialist inventory management provider to assist, requiring greater value than their historical supply chain, wishing not only a refresh of 5000 of their laptop estate but also a deployment and management solution. Procurri were approached to share their expertise.

Procurri Delivered

Working with the channel partner and the end client to find the most suitable solution, a Remanufactured laptop was suggested, presented as new with a three-year warranty and certified Carbon Neutral, saving 316 Kg of Co2 per device, a total of 1,580,000 Kg across the 5000 estates. With significant cost savings in excess of £2,000,000 against a new equivalent, the Circular Computing branded laptops were an appealing alternative.

Alongside the laptops an inventory management solution to deliver and asset tracking, all units adding asset tags and serial numbers and noting eventual ownership was designed. This included a ‘swap’ program, collecting legacy assets, replacing them with new for remote workers, ensuring the secure return of the legacy estate and full certified erasure ahead of cleaning, testing, and return of the asset to the client’s stock for future reuse.

Procurri actively searches out and creates more sustainable solutions within the IT sector through our three core offerings, reused hardware, IT Asset disposals, and 3rd party maintenance. Providing a commercial benefit to organizations whilst simultaneously helping reduce their Carbon footprint.

This project alone so far has meant over 28,500 trees have been planted, 1 billion liters of water have been saved, 1.8 million kgs of CO2 emissions have been avoided and over 6.8 million kilograms of the earth have not been mined.

Our work has been recognized by one judge as “a lovely example of the circular economy in action”. The initiative was also hailed as the “embodiment of how technology can bring environmental benefits while simultaneously helping customers save money”. This project can shine a spotlight on how the channel can reshape the world for the better. There’s no need to compromise on value or money for sustainability – and here at Procurri, we can deliver all!

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The trees have already been planted in Butiama Nursery, Tanzania. You can read more about it here.

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