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Creating $1.5 million, Delivering on Sustainability

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Creating $1.5 million for the customer and delivering on sustainability

ITAD (IT Asset Disposal) is often underestimated as a project, with those not working in the sector assuming that equipment can just be disposed of as and when needed easily. In practice, ITAD requires a great deal of planning and care to be done efficiently, ethically, and to best practice standards – which is exactly where Procurri comes in to aid its customers.

Third Party

Procurri provided an ITAD solution for our partner, a leading system integrator with global revenues of over $12 billion. Their client, an electrical turbine company headquartered in Europe, has 25,000 employees and an annual turnover of over $14 billion. With such a large staff force and global presence, its ITAD planning needed to be well coordinated across sites in various locations and all completed as sustainably as possible to keep stakeholders and local authorities satisfied.

Approaching Procurri

Some 37,000 laptops needed to be removed from users across the business, spanning 15+ countries on 3 continents; all with varying WEEE legislation and local restrictions and guidance. The roll-out of new laptops was already underway but the matter of securely erasing data from the old equipment in accordance with local laws needed to be addressed. Procurri was the only service provider who could present sustainability data reporting directly back to the client as well as support across all of their global sites – so it was a no-brainer to start working together.

Procurri Delivered

Procurri put together a tailored proposal to collect assets from multiple locations from a central site in each country. These assets were collected in secure GPS-tracked vehicles to a central shielded Procurri facility. All assets were quarantined and data was comprehensively erased. Providing value back to the partner rather than charging for the services that were required, turned an initial $500K services quote into a $1M financial return, making it a net gain to the consumer of $1.5 million.

All data was erased in methods over and beyond compliance standards in each geo, all to industry best practices. What’s more, the repurposing of assets combined with the amount saved compared to other providers offering similar (but less comprehensive) services was vast in financial terms. Sustainability reporting on the kilograms of waste saved, liters of water saved, and other metrics were provided and updated in real-time. The 10 million kilograms of CO2 saved by this client alone equated to 6,000 family cars being taken off the road in the UK for a full year! The reporting given was fed into the organization’s wider ESG reporting and helped them in their program towards carbon neutrality.

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