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Managing a Legacy Networking Estate

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Managing a Legacy Networking Estate Across 30 Countries

Many businesses default to purchasing new data center equipment at a vast cost and with a long and disruptive installation period as soon as their OEM stops offering support for their current estate. Procurri extends the life of such assets by offering Third Party Maintenance that works to complement OEM agreements and allows for businesses to continue using their assets until it’s truly at the end of their serviceable life – maximizing value and decreasing the amount of IT waste.

Third Party

A leading car parts manufacturer with a turnover of approximately $8 billion had a vast legacy estate of networking equipment, with almost all assets now considered EOSL by the OEM. This was being managed by Procurri’s customer who was a leading global system integrator with an annual turnover in excess of $12 billion. However, knowing that they could continue to use the equipment, they were loathed to simply trade it in and buy afresh – although appreciated the challenge that procuring parts within a strict SLA and across 30 countries would present.

Approaching Procurri

Procurri’s global presence provided reassurance to the client that they’d be able to support them effectively across all of their operations, which although primarily in Europe, did span worldwide. What’s more, with a team of legacy specialist technicians available around-the-clock, they knew that Procurri would be able to comprehensively assist them where the OEM was unwilling or now unable to. The system integrator providing the service had worked with Procurri previously on projects relating to other verticals within their customer portfolio.

Procurri Delivered

First, Procurri carried out multiple audits across each site to document which assets were held at which site; including satellite facilities and major manufacturing plants. This allowed Procurri to access all the relevant inventory lists as well as the customer to add and remove assets as required. Ad hoc engineering resource within some of these facilities was requested and provided as needed, adding value to the overall service package.

From here, a bespoke support package was compiled to service all of the assets including those that no longer had OEM backing. This saw an almost immediate increased level of uptime within data centers and sites, and where failures did occur, repairs and resolutions were delivered within a stringent SLA to ensure minimal (if any) disruption.

Procurri’s support extended across multiple sites across Europe and APAC to incorporate more than 7,000 assets. Using the Procurri portal, the customer was able to understand ticket volumes and assets across their whole network worldwide: providing clarity and ease of knowledge that was not previously available.

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