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Get to the cloud


Procurri decommissioned 12,392 assets with more engagements to go

About the Client

The end user, a visual media company, with headquarters in the Pacific Northwest supplies images, editorial photography, video, and music for businesses and consumers with an archive of over 200 million assets. They serve three markets—creative professionals (advertising and graphic design), the media (print and online publishing), and corporate (in-house design, marketing, and communication).

The Challenge

Multi-Step migration to the cloud over a period of twelve months

Retired IT assets create unnecessary data center costs for space, power, and cooling as they migrate

Unforeseen/Unanticipated costs associated with migrating to the cloud

How to manage the risk of customers’ sensitive data

The Solution

1. Procurri assembled a team to provide fast response times to meet client’s needs.

2. Various professional services, IT life-cycle services, and reverse logistics

3. Equipment buy-back provides clients with a real ROI helping with unforeseen migration costs

4. Onsite data erasure and data destruction services for all retired assets with certificates provided

The Benefits

Benefit 1

The client now has a team and system in place to provide reverse logistics to remove retired IT assets in all global co-los and data centers.

Benefit 2

Streamlined client’s global IT infrastructure management process, allowing them to manage assets in different countries from one vendor.

Benefit 3

The client is getting real $$$ for their assets allowing them to depreciate these assets on their blocks.


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