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Procurri Has Decommissioned 3,748 Assets For This Project

About Client

The client is a provider of online directory services, fraud screening, identity verification for businesses, public record background checks, and other products, based on its database of contact information for people and businesses. It has the largest database available of contact information on US residents.

The Challenge

  1. The client had a cloud initiative that adversely affected some IT infrastructure that was being financed through a lender. The assets were to be fully depreciated over a 36-month schedule, but the cloud initiative needed to happen much sooner causing a potential conflict with the lender.
  2. Needed a partner who could re-market the assets to capture maximum value recovery.
  3. Needed to meet corporate guidelines for information governance.

The Solution

  1. Procurri provided bridge financing to pay off the lender early freeing up clients to move forward with their cloud project by using the value of the equipment as collateral.
  2. Procurri leveraged our global network of dealers to re-market their assets to raise funds to help pay off the lender early and mitigate any potential liens on the assets
  3. Onsite data erasure and data destruction services for all retired assets with certificates provided.

The Benefits

Benefit 1: They were able to complete their migration to the cloud without any disruption from the financing company. Benefit 2: Sensitive customer data was wiped (with Certificates of Destruction provided by Procurri) giving the client peace of mind that their assets were being properly decommissioned. Benefit 3: The client is getting maximum value for their retired IT assets allowing them to use those funds to help pay off the lender early and move to the cloud.

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