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Procurri Has Decommissioned 12,000+ Assets to Date

About Client

The client provides 86% of the Fortune 500 with software and services to help them collect, protect, analyze and optimize their data, so they can make smarter decisions, manage risk and minimize expenses. With 2,600+ legacy assets located in multiple data centers around the globe. The client needed a global third-party maintenance partner capable of supporting multiple OEMs and significantly reducing maintenance costs.

The Challenge

  1. Multi-Step migration to the cloud over a period of twelve plus months.
  2. Retired IT assets create unnecessary data center costs for space, power, and cooling as they migrate.
  3. Unforeseen/Unanticipated costs associated with migrating to the cloud.
  4. How to manage the risk of customers’ sensitive data.

The Solution

  1. Provide multi-year maintenance across multiple data centers and across multiple countries (US, China, India).
  2. Support 2,600+ legacy data center assets across multiple brands (IBM, HPE, Dell, EMC, NetApp, etc.)
  3. Various professional services, IT life-cycle services, and reverse logistics
  4. Providing ongoing capacity and performance upgrades for legacy assets.

The Benefits

Benefit 1: Procurri offered a revenue-sharing program where we recouped over $2 million in recovery value for the client. Benefit 2: Procurri positioned month-to-month third-party support contracts for the expired assets saving the client close to seven figures in support costs. Benefit 3: Procurri wiped and then removed all of the assets once the migration to Azure was complete. This includes un-cabling and removing assets from their data centers.

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