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3 Year Global Contract with 130+ ITAD Projects Completed To Date

About Client

This client captures location content such as road networks, buildings, parks, and traffic patterns then sells or licenses that mapping content, along with navigation services and location solutions to other businesses, such as Alpine, Garmin, BMW, Oracle, and Amazon. The company has maps in nearly 200 countries, offers voice-guided navigation in 94 countries, and provides live traffic information in 33 countries.

The Challenge

  1. The client lacked the budget to complete a technology refresh and move several applications to the cloud.
  2. Being a global organization, this client did not have a global team that could systematically & cost-effectively provide global ITAD services for their many data centers and office locations.
  3. How to manage the risk of customer’s sensitive data and recycle responsibly?

The Solution

  1. Procurri worked with a partner/reseller to develop a buy-back / trade-in program for the client that raised $1Million+ of IT Asset Recovery value to be used for their refresh/cloud migration.
  2. Procurri assembled an ITAD team to perform various ITAD Services and Reverse Logistics across multiple GEOs.
  3. Provided data erasure and data destruction services for all retired assets with “Certificates of Destruction” provided for peace of mind.

The Benefits

Benefit 1: The client now has a team and system in place to provide reverse logistics to remove retired IT assets in all global data centers and offices. Benefit 2: The client is getting significant ROI for their retired IT assets allowing them to use those funds to refresh part of their infrastructure and move important applications to the cloud. Benefit 3: Sensitive customer data was wiped (with Certificates of Destruction provided by Procurri) giving the client peace of mind that their assets were being properly decommissioned.

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