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A Flexible and Personalized Solution


Flexible and Personalized Solution for Global 100 Customer

At Procurri, we understand that no two businesses are the same: and that’s why we adapt our services to meet the needs of every customer. Most recently, we were approached by a large west-coast solution provider who was helping one of the world’s largest tech firms self-manage their environment.  They had hit a ceiling because a level of technical expertise was required that was beyond their own capabilities.

Contacting Procurri

The end user prefers to self-maintain as much of their working environment as possible and work without OEM intervention wherever possible. Standardized on Hitachi, they have a large number of storage arrays that had been decommissioned and they wanted to harvest parts from them for reuse without the need for OEM support. The reseller supplies full-time on-site engineers for break/fix and replacements as needed, but some very specific L3/L4 Hitachi expertise was required.

Procurri was approached because the customer knew we could offer Level 3 backline support to monitor systems, talk through Level 3 P1 issues and work through scheduled maintenance windows. Procurri has a number of ex-Hitachi engineers on staff and these specialists have now been deployed for this client; providing an unbeatable level of service entirely tailored to their business.

Procurri Delivered.

Today, Procurri’s engineers provide full backline support and manage twice-weekly maintenance windows for the end user. Working collaboratively with the Partner’s on-site engineers, the Procurri team is able to advise on parts to be pulled from their on-site inventory and advise on the best course of action for all situations. This high level of self-maintenance helped our customers save 50% from their already discounted OEM pricing, which allows them to repurpose these savings for other critical and ongoing IT projects.

Procurri’s flexibility, pricing, and bespoke service solution earned us the business and allowed for a new working relationship to be founded. Our Partner now manages several large-scale, high-profile maintenance contracts, backlined by Procurri, that provide ultimate flexibility with maximum savings for its end users.

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