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Transformation to a Cost Effective and Efficient Organization


Transformation to a Cost Effective and Efficient Organization with Procurri

The last few years have proved tough trading conditions for businesses of all shapes and sizes in all sectors, and as a result, those who have survived the tumult are looking to restructure, realign, and transform into more cost-effective, efficient organizations.

One such company is a technology firm with a global presence, that wanted the full transformation to streamline its operations and reduce its overall operating costs throughout all business units.

The Challenge

The business, now a Procurri customer, was spending inordinate amounts of their IT budget on purchasing new server equipment every time their OEM withdrew support; even where this hardware was still operating at a good service level and with acceptable performance for end users. As a result, they approached another Third Party Maintenance (TPM) provider and began to work with them to extend the life of their assets past EOSL dates but quickly found that the amount payable for this service was not reflective of the service received, nor was the service as expected.

Approaching Procurri

Looking instead for a channel-focused TPM partner that could protect the reseller’s profitability with the end user without charging too much or compromising on service, the business approached Procurri to discuss what could be done. Spanning numerous sites across the UK, South Africa, and Israel, the business needed a hybrid model offering both direct support and that of local engineers with spare parts available rapidly as required; combining fully outsourced partners in some locations and providing Procurri engineers in others where they were close by.

This was a competitive pitch against one of the largest TPM providers in the world, but Procurri ultimately won the contract based on our improved SLAs, competitive pricing, and unbeatable service.

The Solution

Procurri put together an entirely bespoke service package for the business, blending proactive TPM service, Procurri’s own engineers attending on-site through the UK, and local engineers putting in place to install spares and offer break/fix support across the Israeli and South African locations.

The technology requiring servicing was predominantly Cisco, which was somewhat of a new venture into networking as the previous focus has been mainly on service and storage. However, the unrivaled expertise of Procurri engineers means that this presented little challenge, and our vast supply of Cisco new and refurbished spare parts in inventories around warehouses globally meant that we were able to rapidly supply equipment where and when needed.

Lots of training was carried out for the client’s staff across the varying time zones and territories in order to help them best optimize the service they receive from Procurri, and to allow them to log tickets and drive resolutions as efficiently as possible on the Procurri Portal. For this business, we made some modifications to the Portal to provide live updates on the engineer’s work as well as more information on renewals. These modifications were then translated onto the Procurri Portal for all customers, providing a more robust feature for everyone!

A dedicated Account Manager works on this project to manage communication between the customer, reseller, and Procurri, making sure everyone is up-to-date and in the loop with all developments.

The Result

While the long-term benefits of this are yet to be realized as services have only been implemented for 6 months, already the customer has seen an impressive 30% reduction in their operating costs compared to those with their previous provider!

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