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A New Sustainability Initiative

A partnership with Circular Computing™

Why We Have Joined a New Partnership for Sustainable IT

Sustainability has become higher on the agenda for the majority of companies. Simply put, it has a focus today that it didn’t have 5-10 years ago, and rightly so.

In order to align our services to the needs of our customers, and to be a pioneer within our own sector, we have elected to become an ITAD Partner of Circular Computing™.

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What the Partnership Delivers

  • 5 trees are planted for every laptop of yours that goes to Circular Computing™
  • Circular Computing™ remanufactures the computers and plants another 5 trees for every laptop they sell
  • Considerable carbon, water, and mineral footprints are saved through the second life of a remanufactured laptop
  • Compliant quarterly reports confirming the Environmental Social Governance (ESG) outputs
  • Old IT could become net-zero if chosen to go through the remanufacturing process

Just One Remanufactured Laptop Makes a World of Difference

Each of your computers that goes through the Circular Computing™ remanufacturing journey has a massive impact; 5 trees planted for each computer that starts the journey, and 5 more when the remanufactured computer is sold.

Sustainability Ethos & Social Value

Remanufactured carbon-neutral laptops from Circular Computing™ are certified carbon-neutral, support social projects that help create jobs and empower vulnerable communities. They also lead to 10 trees being planted and support for clean energy projects across the world.

Carbon-Neutral Remanufactured Laptops

Leading brand, carbon-neutral remanufactured laptops offer 97% of the performance of the latest models and up to 40% savings compared to brand new. Ensure the computers that leave your business participate in this scheme.

10 trees planted for our reforestation partnerships

Through our support of reforestation projects, we aim to plant trees in the USA, India, and Africa. Every laptop delivered through partnership with Circular Computing™ plants 10 trees by the time it reaches its next home.

1,200 kg of sequestered carbon emissions

By being part of the reforestation initiative which helps cool the planet and remove CO2 from the atmosphere, your old laptop is the catalyst for this climate benefit as each tree removes 120KgCO2eq. in the first 20 years.

If this customer then buys remanufactured rather than new, they avoid the further footprint of a new computer:

316 kg of carbon reduction

Every remanufactured laptop prevents approximately 316kg (700lb) of CO2 emissions by not buying new. For just 1,000 laptops, that’s the same as taking over 80 cars off the road for a year.

190,000 litres of water saved

Over 190,000 litres (50,000 gallons) of water is saved from being used for extraction, refining & production of a new computer and its components. That is enough drinking water for the average American for over 700 years.

1,200 kg of resources preserved

Using a remanufactured laptop avoids the mining of valuable precious minerals needed to manufacture a new laptop. This in turn also prevents the added e-waste from the disposal of a second-user laptop.

Introducing Remanufacturing

Circular Computing™ remanufactures old enterprise-grade, leading-brand laptops and gives them a new lease of life.

Cosmetic Renewal & Screen Refresh

Each laptop is dismantled into its major parts. Top covers, bottom covers, palm rests, bezels, and keyboards are all fully repaired and repainted in matt, gloss, and soft-touch finishes to match that of the original laptop.

Screens are fully tested, dismantled, and repaired if necessary. 100% of the screens are free from scratches or pressure marks using the latest remanufacturing technology.

Inside & Outside Attention to Detail

Alongside cosmetic refinishing, every unit is fully tested at the component level – any worn or broken components are replaced or upgraded using potentially your old IT.

As well as the major components, smaller details such as pointing sticks and laptop feet replacements are built into the remanufacturing process.

Quality Control & End-User Experience

Rigorous quality control during the unique 5+ hour, 300-point remanufacturing process, ensures unrivalled quality.

Our aim is to deliver our laptops in a manner which is at least on par with a new product experience.

Remanufacturing Process

Rigorous quality control during the unique 5+ hour, 300-point remanufacturing process, ensures unrivaled quality.

  • Remanufactured to international quality standards by fully-qualified technicians at a state-of-the-art production facility
  • Comprehensive cosmetic detailing – refinished using selected replacement or upgraded components from e-waste where possible
  • ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 accredited processes guarantee consistent remanufactured quality in large volumes

“160,000 laptops are disposed of every day in Europe alone.
70% of these laptops could be re-used, but less than 20% currently are.”

– United Nations

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