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VMAX Proactive EMC Support

VMAX Proactive EMC support – A Beginner’s Guide

Procurri now offers Third-Party Maintenance Services on a variety of end-of-life Dell/EMC VMAX systems; helping customers with limited budgets significantly reduce their support costs.

The EOL VMAX3 models now covered include the VMAX100K, VMAX200K, and VMAX400K, in addition to the older VMAX1 and VMAX2 systems, which we already support. The majority of TPM providers only work with these older systems, so Procurri’s offering is the first of its kind and can give you a distinct competitive advantage over others. But what’s included and how does it work? Let us fill you in…

What are the benefits of Procurri offering VMAX3 EMC support?

Procurri’s TPM support now including VMAX3 is a currently unrivaled offering in the industry; adding another string to the bow of superb service for your clients. You’re able to make great margins reselling TPM (which is now marginally more competitive as it offers hardware cover others don’t) and can keep out direct competitors who will be unable to match your service standards.

Customers save on OPEX and are instead able to covert to CAPEX to buy newer from you via your OEM framework agreement. More control is gained over refresh cycles.

Adding another support provision to your portfolio only further demonstrates your commitment to great service – reinforcing your clientele’s positive image of you as a company.

What’s included with VMAX3 EMC support?

As with Procurri’s other TPM services, you’ll be able to access all the support the OEM would usually provide – just for longer, and in many ways, in a more personalized manner.

Access includes a 24/7/365 service with proactive potential issue identification to allow for the avoidance of disruption and downtime, on-site technician support as and when required, and technician contacts qualified all to Level 3 or 4 with experience in legacy hardware spanning all major brands. Support is available in a variety of different languages and as the holder of the largest parts inventory in the world, spares and break-fix intervention is available without delay.

Your customers won’t receive a faster, more comprehensive, or better TPM service anywhere else.

Why is Procurri able to offer VMAX3 TPM when others aren’t?

Procurri offers TPM support on all brands of storage, server, and networking equipment long past their OEM stipulated ESOL dates. As we’re not intending to sell hardware and so will not benefit from the retirement of older equipment, we instead invest our time into sweating IT assets for as long as possible – maximizing their inherent value and lessening the business’ environmental impact through said prolonged lifecycle.

Other TPM providers simply don’t currently have the expertise or hardware inventory to offer support on VMAX3, so although they may provide such services in the future, for now, Procurri is unique in its offering.

When should customers transition to TPM for their VMAX3 support?

VMAX3 hardware has differing EOSL dates dependent on the OEM agreement, so some customers may still be covered by their original maintenance packages. However, if not, VMAX3 TPM can be provided by Procurri right away. If support is still available from the OEM, a Procurri package can be taken out alongside it without breaching the OEM agreement – and we would recommend this begins about 6 months before the existing support ends, to allow for an easy transition of support.

I still have a question. Where can I get more info?

Contact your Procurri Account Manager or one of the Procurri team for further information on VMAX3 support and we’ll be glad to give further details. As always, TPM packages can be created bespoke for your customers so get in touch to discuss how things can be tailored to best suit their needs.

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