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Storage Maintenance

Don’t Compromise on your Storage Maintenance

The lifespan of IT data center storage hardware can be extended vastly past expectations if monitored, maintained, and equipped properly. Investing in a flexible Storage Maintenance solution remains considerably cheaper than purchasing and installing new equipment every time the OEM dictates it should be upgraded.

Uptime World – You’ve Got a Choice

Uptime is the utmost priority for Procurri and remains the focus even when a client’s storage hardware is out-of-warranty. Adaptable and proactive services allow for live and ongoing monitoring; often identifying issues before they occur and in 99% of cases, before they escalate. End users can rely upon your services even when your storage equipment is older than they may expect.


A trusted and preferred hardware support alternative to storage equipment’s original manufacturer, Procurri is recommended by many OEMs and boasts the expertise and skill to deal with equipment spanning all the OEM’s as well as their legacy solutions. An end user need not purchase and install new equipment every few years just because the original manufacturer is no longer able to service it. Aside from being expensive, this is disruptive to the service provided to end users and unsustainable – so Procurri ticks all the boxes in offering an alternative.


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With significant cost savings compared to OEM contracts and a team of experts with expertise spanning almost every brand of storage equipment in the world

The Procurri team is available on-demand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and can work on-site if required or remotely; for maximum safety and service.

Our global presence allows for service in over 200 countries: when you need it, where you need it, in the language you need it, and for the equipment you need.

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