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Procurri Genie

Giving Insight to Your True IT Potential

Procurri works to extend the usable lifecycle of business’ IT infrastructure past the point where most would have replaced their equipment.

The standard End of Life point for most IT equipment is just the point at which the manufacturer stops offering service support – but when Procurri steps in, this point need not be the end of anything at all.

Avoiding prematurely replacing IT equipment allows for IT Infrastructure Managers to plan effectively, save money, and extend business-as-usual services with as little downtime for the end user as possible. Working past the regular End of Life status for equipment allows for future strategic planning and enhances the value IT infrastructure provides.

How do you judge what needs replacing and what doesn’t?

The Procurri Genie provides a comprehensive overview of not just the standard End of Life point for a business’s IT infrastructure equipment, but also for how long it could be realistically extended. Procurri’s Third Party Maintenance (or TPM) services alongside their IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) products allow for the optimization of the value of equipment without risking downtime or end user interruption.

Working with and not just for your IT infrastructure team, Procurri can collaborate with your business on a plan to sufficiently manage, run and eventually refurbish or replace network, storage, and server devices – however old or specialized the equipment, and wherever it is in the world. What’s more, Procurri’s proactive approach allows for potential issues to be identified before they happen; giving peace of mind that even legacy equipment can continue to perform.

How does the Procurri Genie work?

The Process

First off, a Procurri IT expert will work with your IT Infrastructure team to gain clarity over all of the equipment being used currently. The business’ asset list will be imported into Procurri systems, and a full detailed audit carried out to analyze the exact status of each item. Equipment’s current performance will be considered alongside its age, to allow for genuine insight and not just assumed status.

Take Control

From here, the IT Infrastructure Manager can work alongside the Procurri experts to work out the feasibility of ongoing support for each item; through both Procurri’s own support services as well as OEM support where this may still be in place.

Your Choice

Finally, a Procurri Genie report is provided. This details the risk level of each piece of equipment so that the business owner is able to judge how best to proceed. Procurri will be on hand to work through any support services they can provide alongside planning out any strategy for future support, ITAD options, and equipment replacement.

With Genie We Review Your IT Infrastructure

With the Procurri team operational all around the world with specialist staff on call 24/7, there is no one more competitive or knowledgeable than their experts to deal with your IT Infrastructure. The Genie, analysis and planning helps contribute toward our ultimate aims – to maximize value, minimize the impact on the environment, and provide an unbeatable service to the end user.

Technical professionals tending to your data center needs
Localized service across 100+ countries
Local warehouses across 3 continents

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