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Data Center Services

Data Center Services

Procurri works with businesses worldwide to maintain their data centers and simplify their IT support, increase uptime, lower capex costs, and grow recycling and end-of-life value.

Data Center Maintenance

Procurri’s “best of breed” proactive maintenance services provide support across storage, server, and networking equipment of all brands, types, and ages. Our “always-on” service can identify issues 24/7/365, wherever in the world your data centers are situated.

Data Center Solutions

Should your data center need a new part or in-person technician work completing, Procurri can provide it. We have Level 3 and 4 qualified data center specialists available to attend, fix and advise on issues or concerns should they arise.

Benefits to Third-Party Data Center Support

When an OEM decides it can no longer offer support for its data center equipment, most business users are forced to decommission it, dispose of it and invest in costly, time-consuming new systems. Procurri, however, can be involved as Third-Party Data Center Support providers; extending the lifespan of equipment and optimizing its value to the business. SLAs and support packages are created entirely bespoke – to work with and for your organization exactly as needed.

Break Fix Hardware Maintenance

Where data center equipment does need replacing or fixing, it can be difficult to source should it already be out of its serviceable lifespan as such parts are no longer produced. However, Procurri holds vast inventories of legacy supplies in warehouses around the world as well as technicians deployed globally to intervene as required.

Break Fix Hardware Support

Procurri’s hardware support systems work proactively and so can identify potential issues before they happen – increasing system uptime for clients and avoiding disruption to end-users. The Procurri team of specialist data center technicians are available for telephone or email support around-the-clock as well as in-person as required for equipment support.

Certified Services

Procurri’s innovative approach to IT maintenance and sustainability solutions hasn’t gone unnoticed. Certified as an Investor In People, the company also holds an ISO 9001 standard in Quality Management, ISO 14001 in Environmental Management, ISO 27001 in Information Security Management, and ADISA accreditation in IT Asset Disposal.

Third-Party Maintenance

Procurri is a 100% channel dedicated provider of independent maintenance for enterprise servers, storage, and networking – including once equipment reaches its OEM’s stipulated “end of life”. Businesses who want to extend the life of their IT assets with affordable, flexible, and bespoke maintenance options can benefit hugely from Procurri’s expert Third-Party Maintenance services; which are unrivaled for their quality across the industry.

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Procurri offers bespoke Server Maintenance plans at a fraction of the cost of OEM packages.

  • Global presence
  • Highly skilled team of server specialists
  • OEM expertise numerous brands
  • Unbeatable service
  • Constant monitoring
  • Automated notification
  • End user downtime is minimal

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