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OEM Alternatives to Support

When businesses invest in new IT hardware, particularly for their data center systems, there is a costly and time-consuming installation process to undergo – so such equipment is expected to last for a long time. Of course, nothing’s perfect; so, such assets do require ongoing servicing and maintenance throughout their lifespan, and most OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) offer a set warranty period with purchase to provide support for a stipulated timeframe. After this timeframe (usually a few years or so, or up until the launch of the latest version of hardware by the manufacturer), a new purchase is encouraged.

This is very much the industry norm, but it is not the most sustainable, cost-effective, or business-efficient option. Enter Procurri.

Procurri is the industry’s leading channel-based provider of Third-Party Maintenance – that is, offering support packages for proactive break-fix, issue identification, and maintenance despite not being the OEM. Furthermore, Procurri provides such TPM support packages long past the “end of life” equipment date according to the OEM; so businesses can continue to sweat their IT assets for as long as possible, maximizing the value of them and avoiding the impromptu, costly, and wasteful requirement to immediately buy something new. Is it any surprise that more businesses than ever are seeking alternatives to mediocre OEM support packages and the continued capitalist cycle of waste for re-purchase?

An alternative to OEM support, TPM services can often be used complementary to the existing support and work alongside it without breaching existing contracts or arrangements. In some cases, particularly with Procurri, the support offered may actually be at a more comprehensive level than that available from the manufacturer.

Procurri’s TPM packages are bespoke to each client to best fit their requirements. A “follow-the-sun” approach is followed to supply assistance across different time zones, switching between support centers to offer coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, 365 days a year; and in a variety of different languages.

Of course, TPM extending the lifecycle of IT assets does mean that a vast stock holding of spare parts and hardware needs to be available – and Procurri’s global presence of over 800 warehouses spread across 100 countries provides easy access even to the rarest of equipment. Procurri’s team of expert technicians is always accessible for advice, troubleshooting, and in-person attendance, and with expertise in legacy and specialist hardware, all brands of data center systems can be catered for.

TPM has a whole host of benefits to businesses – not least that the extension of a data center’s lifespan saves money, optimizes value, and allows for the accumulation of budget into a future hardware purchase fund. More in tune to the objectives of Procurri, it’s sustainable: lessening e-waste and lowering the environmental impact of further production. A good news story all ways round… win, win, win!

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