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When considering the carbon emissions of the ICT industry, there appears to be a common misconception that because so much is ‘virtual’, it must be sustainable. In fact, almost the opposite is true – with IT expected to be the

Carbon neutrality, carbon positivity, carbon offset, and sustainability are all words and phrases that weren’t in the public consciousness until the last few years. It’s no secret that at Procurri we focus heavily on sustainability and offer our customers ways

In case you missed the memo, Procurri has a heavy business focus on environmental advocacy because we believe that acting sustainably provides value for all. But what does this work mean in practice? Let’s cover the basics.

It is widely accepted now that there are legal regulations and frameworks in place for the proper processing of e-waste, but all too often these are misunderstood as being only applicable for data-bearing equipment. The dangers of e-waste are vaster

One of the hidden dangers of e-waste is something all too common in the ITAD industry: the export of e-waste to developing countries. Procurri operates all its ITAD processing in secure facilities in countries within which it already operates. We

Here at Procurri, we’re passionate about sustainability and always aim to include the most sustainable practices possible into every aspect of our business. One way we do this is through product stewardship, but what does this mean and what are

The processing of assets as part of ITAD practices usually involves the wiping of data from hardware before it is dismantled and then recycled or destroyed and disposed of entirely. For many reasons, electronic equipment cannot just be broken and

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