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Businesses of all shapes, sizes, and types are now able to reduce the impact they have on the environment and their local communities and, ideally, work toward offsetting their carbon entirely. At Procurri, we’re proud of our sustainability credentials and

With the cost-of-living crisis and an ongoing tumultuous economic period gripping much of Europe, rising energy bills have been capped by governments; but unfortunately, not quite fast enough to save many small businesses and enterprises. In the UK, public swimming

The ‘Chipageddon’ event of chip manufacture supply falling far short of demand continues worldwide, but investment into the industry across some territories seems finally to be stabilizing a position. In the US, the White House has invested some $50bn with

You know the saying: “a failure to prepare is to prepare for failure” – but are organizations taking this old mantra quite as seriously as they should? Indeed here at Procurri, we are often invited into businesses to provide Third

While for many years ‘transformational’ budget-saving opportunities have required cutting corners and investing in cheap alternatives to traditional products and services, there now exists a variety of potential for such changes to be made while maintaining a focus on sustainability;

With energy companies and their associated IT operations being some of the world’s most polluting organizations, they have strict sustainability targets and commitments: but one global conglomerate appears to be backtracking on their efforts.

Procurri has long warned about the dangers of the unethical export of e-waste as well as the environmental risks that dumping hardware when no longer required can cause. And while indeed such impacts on the environment from ITAD must be

Procurri has long promoted a focus on sustainability and has strived to encourage organizations in the IT channel to embrace more eco-friendly and ethical business practices through both small steps in service and transformational change. As a carbon neutral organization,

Although Procurri is currently the only organization in our space to achieve a carbon neutral accreditation, there are a growing number of carbon neutral companies across a variety of industries worldwide. But what does this mean? Let us explain the

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