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Covid Cloud Migration Trend Continues

There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic impacted vastly on working practices for businesses of all shapes, sizes and types the world over. With those who would usually access work-related software in a set office or other work environment suddenly facing a home office set-up, such IT facilities had to be accessed over the internet – and as such, we saw a huge increase in organizations migrating their IT services to the Cloud in order to allow for this to happen.

While eventually many made a phased return to their office environment, there remains a level of hybrid and remote working across professions that far exceeds pre-pandemic rates. As such, Cloud adoption remains common and continues to grow in its prevalence. We have yet to see exactly how working practices will adapt long-term but one thing is for sure: with talent being better retained and remaining happier through flexible working, it is unlikely that the working world will ever fully go back to its previous status quo.

However, what sounds like a smooth journey may in fact throw up a variety of issues given the complexity involved of such technology transitions. Whether migrating to a public or private Cloud, businesses face large checklists of tasks to complete and items to consider; and if not completed properly, service may be disrupted.

Enter Procurri. Our teams offer several wrap-around services that complement the Cloud journey enabling organizations to support, test, migrate and provide data compliancy every step of the way. Through the provision of both on-site and virtual support (both offered globally, with location no barrier to services), physical migrations to the Cloud can be assisted and maintenance offered for the remaining on-prem kit.

  • Third Party Maintenance services can be put in place up until the migration begins to ensure a seamless service to the end user even where legacy hardware is being used, negating the need for any interim equipment purchase. Any legacy kit can be maintained through these services post-migration too if remaining on-site, shifting the service package to meet the company’s needs as they return.
  • If migrating to a private Cloud, rental equipment can be provided for testing in order for the business to provide Proof of Concept.
  • Once the Cloud migration has been completed, zero-to-landfill ITAD services can be provided to offer residual value back to the business on any hardware that is no longer required for standard service – offering cash back into the company where otherwise such value would usually be lost; all without compromising on sustainability standards. Data erasure across devices bearing any data is held to the highest possible compliance standards, and sustainability reporting is provided that can fit within customers’ ESG reporting.

Working with Procurri through a Cloud migration mitigates the risks of legacy technology usage, offers huge cost reductions to the business’ Opex budget, and allows for hardware EOSL dates to be bypassed: sweating assets for as long as possible to derive the maximum possible value from them. Unified support is offered through a single contract with flexible terms to meet the business’ needs as they shift and develop throughout their migration project.

If you’d like to learn more about how Procurri can meet your requirements and fill any gaps in your IT support throughout a Cloud migration, get in touch with the team today!

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