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CNDCP Publish Climate List

The voluntary initiative, Europe’s Climate Neutral Data Center Pact (CNDCP) has published it’s first ever list of certifications just two years after its formation – setting the standard for data center sustainability across the continent.

Set up as a not-for-profit organization to encourage both service providers and data center operators to commit to environmental goals operationally, the CNDCP was set up in 2021 as a collaboration between industry bodies CISPE and EUDCA. Now a ‘self-regulatory initiative’, it reports directly into the European Union. The first 80 signatories have committed to provide data that proves they have adhered to the Pact’s carbon neutrality goals by 2030 – something Procurri know lots about, given that we too are a carbon neutral organization!

The operators have committed to a robust data set that proves five key sustainability targets:

  • A PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) rating of less than 1.3 (or 1.4 for territories classed as ‘warmer climates’) by 2030; with new build data centers having to reach this level by 2025
  • To match 75% of their energy with clean energy by the end of 2025, reaching 100% by 2030
  • Using a maximum of 0.4 liters per kWh of water by 2025 in areas of high water stress
  • Assessing 100% of used servers for possible recycling, with a target set for actual reuse by 2025
  • To demonstrate having ‘explored’ waste heat reuse.

The initial list of parties who have committed to reaching such goals sits at 80, but the initiative boasts 100+ members in total. Those already certified include household names such as Google, IBM, Iron Mountain, NTT and Intel.

7 certifications are still pending, including Microsoft, OVHcloud and T-Systems. The Pact explains that the nature of the complex reporting required alongside the adaptation to new legislation such as the Energy Efficiency Directive and EU Taxonomy has led to some admin delays, which explains why such big players are still not wholly certified. Once the full audit results are reported to the Board, they shall be shifted to certified status.

With the EU not currently offering a regulatory environment bespoke to data centers, EUDCA head Michael Winterson explained that the CNDCP would offer a reprieve to the bloc from doing so, saying “It would be very expensive for the EU to set up a regulatory environment, and set up an agency to administer it. We have saved them from that huge financial burden”. The CNDCP’s audit framework checks the progress of all members against EU Taxonomy.

Now, other data center operators across the continent are set to follow the first list and prioritize sustainability initiatives to improve their ESG reporting and their positive public perception. If you’re looking to do so and to improve your sustainability credentials through working with a business already certified as carbon neutral, contact the Procurri team to discuss implementing innovative initiatives and making vast improvements!

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