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Global Maintenance Services

Global Maintenance Services

Procurri is a global company – and by that, we don’t just mean that we have offices in a few different countries, but rather that we offer full servicing for IT equipment of all types across over 100 countries!

What is Third Party Maintenance?

Most OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) of IT hardware offer support packages alongside their initial sale; so, if that something goes wrong, they’re able to provide help alongside ongoing IT maintenance services. However, there are OEM alternatives to support – including lifecycle services that contribute such support long past the “end of life” stipulated by the brand. Third Party Maintenance from Procurri gives low-cost server maintenance on legacy hardware without compromising on service levels to the end-user – maximizing the value of IT assets whilst ensuring minimum disruption.

Procurri operates across 100+ countries with over 800 warehouses holding spare parts and other hardware, offering servicing in-person in most locations alongside virtual and telephone advice available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year across all time zones.

IT Maintenance

The Procurri “always on” model operates on a follow-the-sun model, so operators are available at all times on the phone, online, or by email. What’s more, the dedicated team of Procurri expert technicians have years of expertise in the operation, maintenance, and break-fix capabilities of legacy hardware from all major manufacturers and are available to talk in a variety of different languages.

Furthermore, the innovative Procurri systems work on a proactive basis – identifying the potential for issues or downtime before it arises, so concerns can be dealt with before any actual disruption occurs. Constant monitoring ensures business-as-usual is able to continue with no disturbances to end-users.

Server Maintenance Services

Should maintenance need to take place physically rather than remotely, the Procurri team has the skills and expertise to visit your data center site and provide in-person maintenance. Across storage, server, and network hardware, our technicians are all Level 3 or 4 qualified and work to various ISO best practice industry standards.

What’s more, Procurri has the industry’s largest parts inventory – so no matter how rare or specialized a part, we’re sure to be able to not just find you a spare but also to install it. We manage 800+ warehouses across over 100 countries and use secure transport solutions to move hardware as required.

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Procurri offers bespoke Server Maintenance plans at a fraction of the cost of OEM packages.

  • Global presence
  • Highly skilled team of server specialists
  • OEM expertise numerous brands
  • Unbeatable service
  • Global
  • Constant monitoring
  • Automated notification
  • End user downtime is minimal

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