Post-Warranty Maintenance

Recognized by Gartner as best-in-breed, Procurri's data center maintenance solution is available in 90+ countries and covers most major server, storage & networking platforms. Thousands of companies rely on us to support their critical IT infrastructure.

Dell EMC
Hitachi Data Systems
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Juniper Networks

Why Choose Procurri?

• Expert Level 3 & 4 Engineers

• Customizable Service Level Agreements

• Flexible, Short-Term Contracts

• 24x7 "Follow The Sun" Support Model

• Industry's Largest Parts Inventory

• Coverage Available in 90+ Countries

Expert Level 3 & 4 Engineers

Thousands of companies rely on Procurri to maintain their critical IT infrastructure. With 80+ OEM certifications, our engineers are some of the very best in the industry averaging 15+ years of experience.

Procurri's storage engineers are especially strong, having unique skill-sets around enterprise Tier 1 storage. Not only can we provide best-in-class break/fix hardware maintenance, but we can assist with many other tasks, such as:

Capacity Analysis & SAN Health Checks
Capacity Analysis & SAN Health Checks
Configuration Assistance
Configuration Assistance
Connectivity Assistance
Connectivity Assistance
Best Practice Reviews
Best Practice Reviews
Performance Tuning
Performance Tuning
Implementation Services
Implementation Services

Reduce OPEX 40-70%

More and more, hardware maintenance is being considered non-strategic IT spend.

Third-party maintenance is now mainstream and the support experience is often times better than the OEM so if you are looking for ways to reduce OPEX to get more done with a shrinking budget then it may be time to explore your options.

The trend is for companies to implement a hybrid maintenance strategy to balance out high OEM prices and rigid contract terms with more affordable & flexible third-party maintenance.

Superior Parts Replacement

Procurri stocks $20M-$30M of enterprise data center hardware globally which no other third-party maintenance provider can tout. In fact, most competitors have no inventory and will scramble to drop-ship replacement parts to meet your SLA from the cheapest online source with no proper testing standards leaving you exposed.

At Procurri, all spare parts are tested to comply with OEM standards for replacement components. Sector-by-sector drive validation and Power on Hour (POH) testing is carried out to ensure all disks going back into a customer’s environment are reliable and well below the manufacturers predetermined useful life/runtime threshold.

Customizable & Short-Term Contracts

The ultimate in flexibility for your support needs. Procurri offers both standards SLAs and customizable SLAs so you can take back control of your support needs.

Procurri also empowers you to customize your contract length so that you can get maintenance based on your timeline.

Most OEMs require a 12-month contract which can create all sorts of inconvenient timing issues for tech refresh sales cycles, data migrations, cloud initiatives, etc.

24x7 "Follow The Sun" Support

Procurri has 3 NOCs across the AMERICAS, APAC and EMEA to ensure non-stop service delivery that follows the sun.

Our engineers analyze and address an issue the moment an alert is received and on average respond in under 10 minutes. All support services are run out of our very own state of the art Network Operations Center, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Our 24x7 remote monitoring (if applicable) will monitor your system(s) around the clock. This keeps your systems running at peak performance and reduces failures. We will proactively take action to resolve issues before you even know there was a problem.

Support Portal powered by Salesforce

Benefits of our online customer portal include:

• Faster Case Resolution
• Improved Case Management & Communication
• Better Contract Management & Account Insights

Features of our portal include:

• One pane of glass to open tickets, get status updates, tracking, etc.
• Ability to escalate a ticket or request a call back
• Real-time case status = fewer back & forth emails
• Flexibility to open tickets on unentitled assets