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HPE End of Service Life

Procurri makes it easy to find the latest End of Service Life (EOSL) dates for your HPE hardware. We have compiled HPE EOSL dates for several unique hardware models such as Integrity, ProLiant, StoreVirtual, and many more.

Regardless of your location, equipment, legacy processes, bespoke requirements, or budget, Procurri can help.  Your single point of contact will be a one-stop shop for all your HPE IT and EOSL needs.

Please click on Model / EOSL tab below to find what you are looking for.

ModelEOSL Date 
3PAR StoreServ 800031/08/2026Get in touch
3PAR StoreServ 820031/08/2026Get in touch
3PAR StoreServ 840031/08/2026Get in touch
3PAR StoreServ 844031/08/2026Get in touch
3PAR StoreServ 845031/08/2026Get in touch
D6020 Enclosure31/03/2026Get in touch
Integrity BL 860c i631/12/2025Get in touch
Integrity BL 870c i631/12/2025Get in touch
Integrity BL 890c i631/12/2025Get in touch
Integrity rx2800 i631/12/2025Get in touch
Integrity Superdome 2 CB900s i631/12/2025Get in touch
ProLiant DL380 Gen 901/31/2025Get in touch
ProLiant DL580 Gen 905/31/2024Get in touch
ProLiant BL660 Gen 901/31/2024Get in touch
ProLiant DL360 Gen 931/10/2023Get in touch
ProLiant DL560 Gen 931/10/2023Get in touch
3PAR StoreServ 2080031/08/2023Get in touch
3PAR StoreServ 2084031/08/2023Get in touch
3PAR StoreServ 2085031/08/2023Get in touch
ProLiant ML30 Gen 931/07/2023Get in touch
ProLiant ML150 Gen 931/07/2023Get in touch
ProLiant ML350 Gen 931/07/2023Get in touch
Integrity BL860c i431/03/2023Get in touch
Integrity BL870c i431/03/2023Get in touch
Integrity BL890c i431/03/2023Get in touch
StoreEasy 145030/09/2023Get in touch
StoreEasy 155030/09/2023Get in touch
StoreVirtual 320030/06/2023Get in touch
Modular Smart Array (MSA) 104030/04/2023Get in touch
Modular Smart Array (MSA) 204030/04/2023Get in touch
Modular Smart Array (MSA) 204230/04/2023Get in touch
ProLiant ML10 Gen 930/04/2023Get in touch
ProLiant BL460C Gen 930/04/2023Get in touch
StoreEasy 165005/10/2023Get in touch
StoreEasy 185005/10/2023Get in touch
D2700 Disk Enclosure01/12/2023Get in touch
3PAR StoreServ 700031/10/2022Get in touch
StoreVirtual 413031/10/2022Get in touch
StoreVirtual 433031/10/2022Get in touch
StoreVirtual 433531/10/2022Get in touch
StoreVirtual 453031/10/2022Get in touch
StoreVirtual 463031/10/2022Get in touch
StoreVirtual 473031/10/2022Get in touch
StoreVirtual 400031/10/2022Get in touch
ProLiant DL160 Gen 931/01/2022Get in touch
MSA P2000 G331/07/2021Get in touch
3PAR StoreServ 10400/V40031/05/2021Get in touch
3PAR StoreServ 10800/V80031/05/2021Get in touch
3PAR StoreServ 1000031/05/2021Get in touch
Integrity BL860c i231/03/2021Get in touch
ProLiant BL420c G830/11/2021Get in touch
ProLiant BL465 G830/11/2021Get in touch
ProLiant DL580 G830/09/2021Get in touch
D2600 Disk Enclosure30/06/2021Get in touch
ProLiant DL380p G830/06/2021Get in touch
ProLiant DL320e G8 V116/08/2021Get in touch
ProLiant DL580 G716/08/2021Get in touch
ProLiant ML350e G8 V216/08/2021Get in touch
ProLiant ML350p G816/08/2021Get in touch
ProLiant DL360e G816/08/2021Get in touch
ProLiant DL380e G816/08/2021Get in touch
ProLiant DL360p G813/06/2021Get in touch
ProLiant BL460c G802/08/2021Get in touch
ProLiant BL685c G701/10/2021Get in touch
ProLiant DL320e G8 V201/10/2021Get in touch
BL2x220c G631/12/2020Get in touch
Integrity BL870c i231/12/2020Get in touch
Integrity BL890c i231/12/2020Get in touch
Nimble CS22031/12/2019Get in touch
Nimble CS24031/12/2019Get in touch
Nimble CS26031/12/2019Get in touch
Nimble CS42031/12/2019Get in touch
Nimble CS44031/12/2019Get in touch
Nimble CS46031/12/2019Get in touch
Integrity rx2800 i231/01/2019Get in touch
StoreEasy 5000 Storage30/07/2019Get in touch
ProLiant ML350 G631/07/2018Get in touch
Lefthand P4300 G230/04/2018Get in touch
Lefthand P4500 G230/04/2018Get in touch
ProLiant DL360 G730/04/2018Get in touch
ProLiant DL380 G730/04/2018Get in touch
ProLiant DL385 G730/04/2018Get in touch
ProLiant BL460c G7 Blade28/02/2018Get in touch

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