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Sun / Oracle End of Service Life

Sun Microsystems and Oracle were originally competitors but merged when the latter acquired the former back in 2010. Combining both of their strengths and best products to offer an unrivaled range of data center hardware, they remain a trusted source of storage and data networking solutions amongst big businesses.

Sun Oracle Systems periodically retire its products by designating them an EOSL date and withdrawing OEM support from this point onward. Users can then opt either to decommission their hardware to purchase and install newer versions, or to purchase Procurri’s Third Party Maintenance support to continue to use the equipment and derive value from it.

Procurri makes it easy to find the latest End of Service Life (EOSL) dates for your Sun / Oracle hardware. We have compiled Sun / Oracle EOSL dates for their hardware models below.

Regardless of your location, equipment, legacy processes, bespoke requirements, or budget, Procurri can help.  Your single point of contact will be a one-stop shop for all your Sun / Oracle IT and EOSL needs. Contact Procurri now to discuss your EOSL requirements.

Please click on Model / EOSL tab below to find what you are looking for.

ModelEOSL Date 
SPARC T4-103/30/2021Get in touch
SPARC T5-205/31/2022Get in touch
Sun SPARC Enterprise T100009/30/2018Get in touch
Sun SPARC Enterprise T200009/30/2018Get in touch
Sun SPARC Enterprise T512008/31/2018Get in touch
Sun SPARC Enterprise T544008/31/2018Get in touch

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