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Dell EMC End of Service Life

Regardless of your location, equipment, legacy processes, bespoke requirements, or your budget, Procurri can help.  Your single point of contact will be a one-stop-shop for all your DELL EMC IT and EOSL needs.
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ModelEOSL Date 
Atmos Generation 201/31/2021Get in touch
Atmos Generation 2 3TB01/31/2021Get in touch
Atmos Generation 312/31/2021Get in touch
Avamar Data Store Gen 4S10/30/2022Get in touch
Avamar Data Store Gen403/31/2018Get in touch
CLARiiON AX4-506/30/2019Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade AP-7600B03/31/2018Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade DS-300B-8G (8G Switch)03/31/2024Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade DS-5100B (4G Switch)04/30/2018Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade DS-5100B-8G (8G Switch)04/30/2018Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade DS-5100B-EP04/30/2018Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade DS-5300B (4G Switch)07/31/2019Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade DS-5300B-8G (8G Switch)07/31/2019Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade DS-6505-R-B07/31/2025Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade DS-6510F-B08/31/2023Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade DS-6520F-8GB08/31/2023Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade ED-DCX-4S-B10/30/2019Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade ED-DCX-B10/30/2019Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade ES-5832B12/31/2019Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade MDS 9222I04/30/2020Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade MP-8000B05/31/2018Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade PB-DCX10/30/2019Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade PB-DCX-16EB12/31/2019Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade PB-DCX-16P-4G10/30/2019Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade PB-DCX-16P-8G10/30/2019Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade PB-DCX-24FCOE10/30/2019Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade PB-DCX-32P-4G10/30/2019Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade PB-DCX-32P-8G10/30/2019Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade PB-DCX-32P8GM10/30/2019Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade PB-DCX-48P-4G10/30/2019Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade PB-DCX-48P-8G10/30/2019Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade PB-DCX-48P8GM10/30/2019Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade PB-DCX-64P-8G10/30/2019Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade PB-DCX-FX8-2408/31/2023Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade PB-DCX32P8GME10/30/2019Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade PB-DCX32P8GMU10/30/2019Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade PB-DCX48P8GME10/30/2019Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade PB-DCX48P8GMU10/30/2019Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade VDX-6740B-24F02/27/2021Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade VDX-6740B-24R02/27/2021Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade VDX-6740B-64F02/27/2021Get in touch
Connectrix – Brocade VDX-6740B-64R02/27/2021Get in touch
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-4G-LR10K04/30/2020Get in touch
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-4G-SR04/30/2022Get in touch
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-912401/31/2019Get in touch
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-9148-1610/30/2020Get in touch
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-9148-3210/30/2020Get in touch
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-9148-4810/30/2020Get in touch
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-9506-V204/30/2022Get in touch
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-9509-V204/30/2019Get in touch
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-9513 (CHASSIS)04/30/2022Get in touch
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-FCOE-804/30/2020Get in touch
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-FMS-910004/30/2021Get in touch
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-FMS-920004/30/2021Get in touch
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-FMS-950004/30/2021Get in touch
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-PBF-24-8G07/31/2018Get in touch
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-PBF-44-8G07/31/2018Get in touch
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-PBF-48-8G07/31/2018Get in touch
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-PBF-4LR04/30/2018Get in touch
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-PBF-4LRU04/30/2018Get in touch
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-PBF-ADV3204/30/2022Get in touch
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-PBF-ADV4804/30/2022Get in touch
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-PBFI-180404/30/2020Get in touch
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-SSN-1604/30/2022Get in touch
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-SUP-V2U04/30/2022Get in touch
Connectrix- Brocade DS-6510R-B08/31/2025Get in touch
Connectrix-Brocade DS-300B03/31/2024Get in touch
Connectrix-Brocade DS-6505R-B07/31/2025Get in touch
Connectrix-Brocade DS-6510R-8GB08/31/2025Get in touch
Connectrix-Brocade DS-6510R-B-EP08/31/2025Get in touch
Connectrix-Brocade DS-6510R8G-DC08/31/2025Get in touch
Connectrix-Brocade ED-DCX8510-4B07/31/2025Get in touch
Connectrix-Brocade ED-DCX8510-8B07/31/2025Get in touch
Connectrix-Brocade MP-7800B10/30/2024Get in touch
Connectrix-Cisco MDS-48P-16GFC03/31/2025Get in touch
Connectrix-Cisco MDS-CWDM-147005/31/2023Get in touch
Connectrix-Cisco MDS-CWDM-149005/31/2023Get in touch
Connectrix-Cisco MDS-CWDM-151005/31/2023Get in touch
Connectrix-Cisco MDS-CWDM-153005/31/2023Get in touch
Connectrix-Cisco MDS-CWDM-155005/31/2023Get in touch
Connectrix-Cisco MDS-CWDM-157005/31/2023Get in touch
Connectrix-Cisco MDS-CWDM-159005/31/2023Get in touch
Connectrix-Cisco MDS-CWDM-161005/31/2023Get in touch
Converged Technology Extension for Isilon Gen-5 Storage08/31/2023Get in touch
Data Domain DD16006/30/2020Get in touch
Data Domain DD220012/31/2023Get in touch
Data Domain DD250007/31/2022Get in touch
Data Domain DD420007/31/2022Get in touch
Data Domain DD450007/31/2022Get in touch
Data Domain DD62012/31/2019Get in touch
Data Domain DD64003/31/2019Get in touch
Data Domain DD67003/31/2019Get in touch
Data Domain DD680008/31/2025Get in touch
Data Domain DD720007/31/2022Get in touch
Data Domain DD86003/31/2019Get in touch
Data Domain DD89003/31/2019Get in touch
Data Domain DD930008/31/2025Get in touch
Data Domain DD950007/31/2022Get in touch
Data Domain DD99012/31/2020Get in touch
Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) C7005/31/2021Get in touch
Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) C9007/31/2021Get in touch
Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) D450001/31/2024Get in touch
Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) D560001/31/2024Get in touch
Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) D620001/31/2024Get in touch
Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) D780001/31/2024Get in touch
Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) U110012/31/2021Get in touch
Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) U150012/31/2021Get in touch
Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) U180012/31/2021Get in touch
Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) U200005/31/2025Get in touch
Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) U210012/31/2021Get in touch
Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) U280005/31/2025Get in touch
Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) U30012/31/2021Get in touch
Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) U300012/31/2021Get in touch
Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) U40005/31/2025Get in touch
Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) U400005/31/2025Get in touch
Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) U400E05/31/2025Get in touch
Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) U400T05/31/2025Get in touch
Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) U480E05/31/2025Get in touch
Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) U70012/31/2021Get in touch
Isilon HD40002/28/2024Get in touch
Isilon NL40003/31/2021Get in touch
Isilon NL41002/28/2024Get in touch
Isilon S20006/30/2020Get in touch
Isilon S21002/28/2024Get in touch
Isilon Switch MELLANOX 36-PORT QDR IB Switch08/31/2018Get in touch
Isilon Switch QLOGIC 18-PORT QDR IB Switch10/30/2022Get in touch
Isilon Switch QLOGIC 24-PORT QDR Upgrade Leaf09/30/2023Get in touch
Isilon Switch QLOGIC 36-PORT QDR IB Switch10/30/2022Get in touch
Isilon Switch QLOGIC 48-PORT QDR IB Switch09/30/2023Get in touch
Isilon Switch QLOGIC 96-PORT QDR IB Switch09/30/2023Get in touch
Isilon X20003/31/2021Get in touch
Isilon X40006/30/2020Get in touch
Isilon X41002/28/2024Get in touch
Isilon X410-32 GB DIMM07/31/2021Get in touch
MDS-FLASH-51204/30/2022Get in touch
RecoverPoint Gen 5 Server01/31/2022Get in touch
RecoverPoint Gen401/31/2018Get in touch
ScaleIO Ready Node Series 20008/30/2021Get in touch
Symmetrix DL600005/30/2013Get in touch
Symmetrix VMAX03/31/2020Get in touch
Symmetrix VMAX 100K09/30/2024Get in touch
Symmetrix VMAX 10K09/30/2022Get in touch
Symmetrix VMAX 200K09/30/2024Get in touch
Symmetrix VMAX 20K03/30/2020Get in touch
Symmetrix VMAX 400K09/30/2024Get in touch
Symmetrix VMAX 40K09/30/2022Get in touch
Symmetrix VMAX 450F10/30/2023Get in touch
Symmetrix VMAX 850F10/30/2023Get in touch
Unity 30007/31/2025Get in touch
Unity 350F07/31/2025Get in touch
Unity 40007/31/2025Get in touch
Unity 450F07/31/2025Get in touch
Unity 50007/31/2025Get in touch
Unity 500 DC07/31/2025Get in touch
Unity 500F07/31/2025Get in touch
Unity 550F07/31/2025Get in touch
Unity 550F DC07/31/2025Get in touch
Unity 60007/31/2025Get in touch
Unity 600 DC07/31/2025Get in touch
Unity 600F07/31/2025Get in touch
Unity 650F07/31/2025Get in touch
Unity 650F DC07/31/2025Get in touch
Vblock System 100 BX/DX12/31/2020Get in touch
Vblock System 20012/31/2019Get in touch
Vblock System 24006/30/2022Get in touch
Vblock System 32008/30/2019Get in touch
Vblock System 34006/30/2022Get in touch
Vblock System 35006/30/2022Get in touch
Vblock System 54006/30/2022Get in touch
Vblock System 720 w/VMAX 10K12/31/2020Get in touch
Vblock System 720 w/VMAX 20K03/31/2020Get in touch
Vblock System 720 w/VMAX 40K12/31/2020Get in touch
Vblock System 74006/30/2022Get in touch
VNX 510012/31/2020Get in touch
VNX 520001/30/2023Get in touch
VNX 530012/31/2020Get in touch
VNX 540001/30/2023Get in touch
VNX 560001/30/2023Get in touch
VNX 580001/30/2023Get in touch
VNX 760001/30/2023Get in touch
VNX 800001/30/2023Get in touch
VNX VG1007/31/2022Get in touch
VNX VG207/31/2022Get in touch
VNX VG5007/31/2022Get in touch
VNX VG807/31/2022Get in touch
VNX-F500010/30/2020Get in touch
VNX-F700010/30/2020Get in touch
VNX-VSS1-ERK12/31/2020Get in touch
VNX-VSS1-FLD12/31/2020Get in touch
VNX-VSS10012/31/2020Get in touch
VNX-VSS2-ERK12/31/2020Get in touch
VNX-VSS2-FLD12/31/2020Get in touch
VNX550012/31/2019Get in touch
VNX570012/31/2019Get in touch
VNX750012/31/2019Get in touch
VNXe 160001/30/2023Get in touch
VNXe 310003/31/2018Get in touch
VNXe 315012/31/2020Get in touch
VNXe 320001/30/2023Get in touch
VNXe 330012/31/2020Get in touch
VSPEX BLUE Appliance Hardware05/31/2021Get in touch
VxBlock 24001/30/2023Get in touch
VxBlock 350 with Dell EMC Unity 300F, 400F, 500F and 600F01/30/2023Get in touch
VxBlock System 34006/30/2022Get in touch
VxBlock System 350 – Unity AF Gen-2 (350F/450F/550F/650F)03/02/2024Get in touch
VxBlock System 350 – Unity Hybrid (300/400/500/600)03/02/2024Get in touch
VxBlock System 350 – Unity Hybrid (350F/450F/550F/650F)02/28/2024Get in touch
VxBlock System 540 with XtremIO 40G03/31/2023Get in touch
VxBlock System 540 with XtremIO 5TB, 10TB, 20TB and 40TB08/31/2023Get in touch
VxBlock System 740 (250F, 950F)03/02/2024Get in touch
VxBlock System 740 with VMAX 100K and 200K01/30/2023Get in touch
VxBlock System 740 with VMAX 400K03/31/2023Get in touch
VxBlock System 740 with VMAX 450F/FX and 850F/FX01/30/2023Get in touch
VxRack System Flex with Dell 13G PowerEdge Nodes04/06/2023Get in touch
VxRack System FLEX with Dell PowerEdge R630 Hybrid Nodes12/31/2022Get in touch
VxRack System FLEX with Dell PowerEdge R730 Hybrid Nodes12/31/2022Get in touch
VxRack System FLEX with Quanta Servers04/30/2022Get in touch
VxRack System SDDC with Dell 13G PowerEdge Servers04/30/2023Get in touch
X40006/30/2020Get in touch
XtremeSF PCIEHHM-2200V03/31/2020Get in touch
XtremeSF PCIEHHM-350M03/30/2020Get in touch
XtremIO04/30/2025Get in touch
XtremIO 10TB04/30/2023Get in touch
XtremIO 20TB04/30/2023Get in touch
XtremIO 40TB04/30/2023Get in touch
XtremIO 5TB04/30/2023Get in touch
XtremSF PBDCXFX8-24V203/30/2020Get in touch
XtremSF PCIEHHM-1400M03/30/2020Get in touch
XtremSF PCIEHHM-2200V03/30/2020Get in touch
XtremSF PCIEHHM-700M03/30/2020Get in touch
XtremSF PCIEHHS-3XXL203/30/2020Get in touch
XtremSF PCIEHHS-3XXM203/30/2020Get in touch
XtremSF PCIEHHS-7XXM03/30/2020Get in touch

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