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NetApp End of Service Life

Regardless of your location, equipment, legacy processes, bespoke requirements, or your budget, Procurri can help.  Your single point of contact will be a one-stop-shop for all your NetApp IT and EOSL needs.
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ModelEOSL Date 
E261212/31/2019Get in touch
E262412/31/2019Get in touch
E266012/31/2019Get in touch
E541201/28/2021Get in touch
E542401/28/2021Get in touch
E546001/28/2021Get in touch
EF54001/28/2021Get in touch
FAS222003/30/2020Get in touch
FAS224003/30/2020Get in touch
FAS2240-203/30/2020Get in touch
FAS2240-403/30/2020Get in touch
FAS252004/30/2021Get in touch
FAS321012/31/2018Get in touch
FAS322001/31/2020Get in touch
FAS324012/31/2018Get in touch
FAS325001/31/2020Get in touch
FAS327012/31/2018Get in touch
FAS621012/31/2018Get in touch
FAS622004/30/2020Get in touch
FAS624012/31/2018Get in touch
FAS625004/30/2020Get in touch
FAS628012/31/2018Get in touch
FAS629004/30/2020Get in touch
V321012/31/2018Get in touch
V322001/31/2020Get in touch
V324012/31/2018Get in touch
V325001/31/2020Get in touch
V621012/31/2018Get in touch
V622004/30/2020Get in touch
V624012/31/2018Get in touch
V625004/30/2020Get in touch
V628012/31/2018Get in touch

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