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Netapp Maintenance

Procurri's Netapp-certified engineers are always on hand

Procurri Netapp Maintenance.

Procurri offers support services and solutions to help maximize the value of your Netapp hardware. Work with us to receive global, premium support from our highly experienced and certified engineers.

global it maintenance services / global maintenance

With a specialism in Enterprise Storage spanning Server, Storage and Network facilities, we offer a whole host of service options and can support you through even discontinued and EOSL legacy equipment.

We understand that requirements vary and so we offer customisable SLAs bespoke to your business’ needs – to work with you the way you like rather than just for you. Should spares be required,

Procurri’s 8 global warehouses can be utilised to deliver anywhere in the world
Cisco equipment across 500+ satellite sites

The Procurri Service Portal, hosted on Sales Force, allows for constant communication and monitoring whenever you need it and our around-the-clock service centres means you can be sure of a response no matter what time it is where you are.

The real value added to our Netapp Maintenance plans is the Procurri team’s expertise, with engineers available on-call at any time and in-person across 30 countries. Our remote and non-brand-biased approach allows for up to a 90% cost saving compared to OEM’s.

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