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NetApp End of Service Life

American hybrid Cloud data services and data management company NetApp are trusted by businesses globally for their secure storage data center products. Recently named by Gartner as the #1 Primary Storage provider worldwide, the company continues to manufacture trustworthy and robust data center hardware.

NetApp stipulates EOSL dates for every hardware item they release, at which point the OEM support stops. It is encouraged for customers at this point to decommission and reinstall newer NetApp equipment. This needn’t be a retirement date, however – with Procurri offering Third Party Maintenance support beyond this to allow for continued seamless service to end users without any e-waste being produced ahead of necessity.

Procurri makes it easy to find the latest End of Service Life (EOSL) dates for your NetApp hardware to identify when OEM support ends and new support needs to be appointed. We have compiled NetApp EOSL dates for their hardware models below.

Regardless of your location, equipment, legacy processes, bespoke requirements, or budget, Procurri can help.  Your single point of contact will be a one-stop shop for all your NetApp support IT and EOSL needs. If you have NetApp hardware reaching or past its EOSL, get in touch with the Procurri team.

Please click on Model / EOSL tab below to find what you are looking for.

ModelEOSL Date 
V629004/30/2020Get in touch
V628012/31/2018Get in touch
V625004/30/2020Get in touch
V624012/31/2018Get in touch
V622004/30/2020Get in touch
V621012/31/2018Get in touch
V325001/31/2020Get in touch
V324012/31/2018Get in touch
V322001/31/2020Get in touch
V321012/31/2018Get in touch
SG566012/31/2022Get in touch
SG561212/31/2022Get in touch
HCI H615C Compute Node31/03/2027Get in touch
HCI H610C Compute Node31/03/2027Get in touch
HCI H410S Storage Node31/03/2027Get in touch
HCI H410C Compute Node31/03/2027Get in touch
H700E06/30/2024Get in touch
H500E06/30/2024Get in touch
H300E06/30/2024Get in touch
FAS8080 EX01/31/2023Get in touch
FAS806001/31/2023Get in touch
FAS804001/31/2023Get in touch
FAS802001/31/2023Get in touch
FAS629004/30/2020Get in touch
FAS628012/31/2018Get in touch
FAS625004/30/2020Get in touch
FAS624012/31/2018Get in touch
FAS622004/30/2020Get in touch
FAS621012/31/2018Get in touch
FAS327012/31/2018Get in touch
FAS325001/31/2020Get in touch
FAS324012/31/2018Get in touch
FAS322001/31/2020Get in touch
FAS321012/31/2018Get in touch
FAS255401/31/2023Get in touch
FAS255201/31/2023Get in touch
FAS255001/31/2023Get in touch
FAS252001/31/2023Get in touch
FAS2240-403/30/2020Get in touch
FAS2240-203/30/2020Get in touch
FAS224003/30/2020Get in touch
FAS222003/30/2020Get in touch
FAS 820011/30/2026Get in touch
FAS 8060 EX01/31/2023Get in touch
FAS 265005/31/2024Get in touch
FAS 262005/31/2024Get in touch
EF56012/14/2023Get in touch
EF54001/28/2021Get in touch
E566012/14/2023Get in touch
E562412/14/2023Get in touch
E561212/14/2023Get in touch
E546001/28/2021Get in touch
E542401/28/2021Get in touch
E541201/28/2021Get in touch
E276012/11/2022Get in touch
E272412/11/2022Get in touch
E271212/11/2022Get in touch
E266012/31/2019Get in touch
E262412/31/2019Get in touch
E261212/31/2019Get in touch
AFF8080 EX12/31/2022Get in touch
AFF804012/31/2022Get in touch
AFF A30011/30/2026Get in touch
AFF A20005/31/2024Get in touch

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