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Modern Workplace Solutions

Efficient Management of Workplaces: Whenever, Wherever

Modern Workplace Solutions

To say that workplaces have changed over the last few years would be an understatement; and the IT requirements of businesses have evolved with them. Procurri offers a range of comprehensive modern workplace solutions to make the deployment and management of tech across locations and employees as cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable as possible.

Device as a Service (DaaS)

Cost-effective short-term rental solutions for distributed assets where outright purchase isn’t appropriate. At Procurri, we ensure every asset is logged, tracked, and fully tested and audited to ensure performance remains at the standard expected.

(WFH) Asset Reclaim Program

Procurri has responded to the global shift to increasing work-from-home practices by introducing an asset reclaim program. For organizations with remote locations or workers, Procurri offers a “Box Program” to recover IT assets when a traditional onsite pickup is not practical.

Depot Services

Procurri offers depot management by holding company assets in their own locations ready for deployment and recall. Assets can be tracked, tagged, kitted, imaged, configured, packed, and shipped by experienced engineers to ensure immediate use or reuse as needed.

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