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Depot Services

Modern Workplace Solutions also known as Depot Services

Modern workplace solutions, sometimes known as depot services or supply chain management, encompasses several different services that provide solutions to everyday challenges that you or your end users may face. This may be rollouts including storage, imaging, asset tagging, and tracking or back-end services such as data control and re-marketing.

Our Facilities

Procurri has several dedicated fits for purpose facilities in the US, APAC, and Europe that are designed to optimize workflow and throughput with the ability to quickly scale and expand to meet our partners needs.

Each Procurri facility throughout the world mirrors each other with regards to best practice methodology, process, front and back-end systems and compliance which includes ISO9001, 14001 and 27001, ADISA, Cyber Essentials, and R2 certifications.

These highly secure facilities capture the full-service suite with controlled access and security monitoring, ensuring that the receipt of goods, audit, test, ship, data eradication, and e-waste recycling all comply with regionalized legislation practices.

Workplace Solutions Services include:

  • Storage of assets
  • Fulfillment
  • Imaging Configuration
  • Onboards/Offboards Refresh
  • Home worker rollout
  • Advanced Exchange, In/Out of Warranty Repair Services
  • Professional Services (On or Offsite)
  • ITAD Processing
  • Re-Deployment services
  • Downstream and Environmental services
  • ESG Reporting, sustainability services and consultation
  • Depreciation charts and Asset Management guidance

The Process

Procurri’s in-house front-end system Morse allows us to better capture and report all the various asset data points whether it’s a deployment or ITAD project. Data points include things such as part number, description, serial number, asset tag, configuration, erasure certification, and test reports. This combined with logistics information helps our partners to manage and track their projects in granular detail.

We believe Morse attributes to a more streamlined process within the asset remarketing service which is proven to reduce RMAs, thus giving our partners an improved service and higher financial return.


Procurri has years of experience in managing both data center and EUC assets, and works with multiple partners from OEMs, systems integrators, managed service provider, and regional resellers. We have engineers in house with skill sets covering laptop, desktop, x86 and enterprise servers, through to storage, back up and network environments. With over 80 engineers and 80 depot technicians, combined with a global sales team across all vendors of more than 100 people, we ensure we have the skills in house to deliver on all aspects of your workplace solution.

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