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£26 Million Maintenance & Storage Savings

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The Client

The end-user is an international financial holding company headquartered in Europe operating a global bank and other financial services investments

The Challenges

Our customer, a solution provider in the US, has successfully transformed the end-user’s entire global infrastructure, comprising 52 petabytes of data stored on Hitachi data systems, into a mixture of All-ash, software-defined, and hyper-converged storage solutions.

Due to legal restrictions, the end-user was not permitted to use Hitachi’s internal array reporting functionality during the migration process. Dell EMC introduced Procurri to provide support for the outgoing systems throughout this four-year transformation. This generated an alternative that enabled the reporting on the end-user’s Hitachi systems without severely delaying the project timeline or incurring additional costs.

The Solution

The Procurri team worked closely with Dell EMC to leverage Procurri’s internal platform, developing a solution that meets reporting and compliance requirements while also developing custom software that serves as a long-term solution for the end-user. Compliance requirements were tested in Procurri’s demo lab throughout the development process; the end-user also purchased refurbished lab arrays at a significantly discounted cost to continue internal testing.

Daily check-ins with the end user orchestrated by Procurri account representatives, ensured project timelines, budgets, and expectations were properly managed with efficiencies maximized.

Procurri lowered the end-user’s monthly maintenance bills in one year from over £700,000 per month to £142,000 per month, yielding a year one saving of £6,696,000 and an estimated total saving of over £26 million in operational expenses over the four-year transformation.

The Results

  • Increased cost savings – £26 million savings over four years
  • Extended global reach – across the US, Europe and APAC
  • Ease of management – Procurri global systems support

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