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€5m Storage & Network Maintenance Savings

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The end-user is an international pharmaceutical company providing innovative medicines to millions of patients worldwide, with offices across Europe, Asia, and North America

The Challenges

Our customer, a solution provider, was working with an end-user that was dedicating a significant amount of their IT budget to maintaining a complex infrastructure compromised of Hitachi, NetApp, HP, and IBM systems. The cost of supporting several different product lines made it difficult to find the budget for necessary storage and networking improvements. Without the ability to scale, the end-user would compromise their position within the pharmaceutical marketplace. Faced with aging infrastructure and rising OEM maintenance fees, the end-user sought a solution that would provide cost-effective scalability and reliable maintenance for its multi-faceted network architecture.

The Solution

Procurri worked closely with the solution provider and end-user to understand all aspects of the environment, providing complimentary health checks on all existing systems. A comprehensive offering was created to support all four unique system architectures, including a four-hour onsite service of assets across three continents. By eliminating the need for several OEM maintenance contracts, Procurri saved the end-user €5 million in annual maintenance costs. In addition, Procurri streamlined administrative processes by consolidating the end-user’s support issue reporting into monthly reviews and transitioning all disparate OEM support contract end-dates to one end-date, thus coinciding with the company’s yearly budget release.

The Results

Significant cost savings

Lowered bill maintenance by 5 million annually, freeing up opex to fund to production innovations.

Consolidated reporting

Procurri conferred with the end-user’s global heads of infrastructure to fully understand reporting requirements and provided custom consolidated reporting for all assets.

Ease of management

Complete global system support provided by Procurri eliminated the need for several international support vendors and consolidated disparate support dates to a single end date for all systems.


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