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Converting Opex into Innovation

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The Client

The end-user is the largest North American provider of environmental, energy, and industrial services with approximately 13,000 employees and 400 locations across the continent

The Challenges

With an increased interest in renewable energies leading to diminishing market growth, our partner’s end-user’s profit margins and resulting IT budgets were shrinking year on year.

Although improvements to their IT environment were necessary to remain competitive and provide for future growth, like most companies, most of their budget was used to maintain their existing infrastructure and as a result, finding the funds to refresh critical assets was nearly impossible.

It was at this point that Procurri was introduced to the end-user to discuss our approach to IT procurement and cost reduction.

The Solution

Procurri worked closely with the end-user and solution provider to understand all aspects of the environment, provided free health checks on infrastructure, and put together a comprehensive proposal that addressed all concerns.

The proposal included four-hour onsite support and refurbished hardware capacity upgrades of numerous legacy EMC and NetApp assets which reduced support costs by over $200,000. In addition, Procurri offered to purchase back some legacy equipment for $60,000.

The $260,000 savings coupled with our partner’s proposed refresh that eliminated the need for $375,000 of backup software, meant the end-user had reduced their OPEX by US $635,000.

These funds were then reallocated towards a new net refresh of their production system, in this case, Pure Storage.

The Results

  • Significant cost savings – $200,000
  • Captured value from depreciated assets – $60,000
  • Savings from non-required backup software – $375,000
  • Provided for future growth – the ability to invest in new net solution

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