Hardware Distribution

Procurri helps solution providers meet all of their end users multi-generational data center hardware needs, and limited IT budgets, by offering both current & legacy enterprise hardware.

Dell EMC
Hitachi Data Systems
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Juniper Networks

Huge Inventory & Quick Shipping

Procurri enables solution providers to deliver end-of-life data center products that customers need yet the IT Channel no longer offers, as well as, current generation products deeply discounted for client's with limited IT budgets.

Procurri stocks a diverse portfolio of data center equipment and can help solution providers source products quickly when the traditional IT channel has long lead times that are effecting your customer’s critical IT projects.

Save 50-90% Off List

IT budgets are being stretched thinner than ever and companies are keeping their IT assets longer than ever. This creates demand for both end-of-life and current generation hardware options as customers continue to need performance and capacity upgrades, spare parts, and complete systems.

Procurri offers enterprise data center hardware in various conditions types and price points to satisfy customers with varying IT budgets. Choose from OEM Recertified, New Overstock, or Refurbished.

HPE Certified Genuine Spare Parts


HPE Certified Genuine Replacement Parts are Field Replaceable Units (FRUs) available for channel sale. These Limited Distribution products are available NEW and Factory Sealed even when the Option Kit has been discontinued.

Spare parts are orderable via the primary “-001” SPS# clearly identified on every piece of authentic HPE hardware.

Cisco Excess Program

Leveraging Cisco Excess inventory is a great way to reduce your organization's capital expenditure costs for many Cisco Networking & Server products that you require in your IT infrastructure.

• Typical Savings 70-90% Off List

• All Products SMARTnet eligible

• Valid version of IOS loaded & relicensed by Cisco

Cisco Excess products are denoted with a -WS suffix in the part # and are either Cisco Factory Refurbished or New Overstock.

DELL Recertified Hardware

Our Dell Recertified Hardware stock comes directly from a Dell warehouse and consists of new overstock, returned, or lightly used systems that Dell recertifies and sells to Procurri for inventory.

• 60%-70% Off List

• Shortened lead times

• Customized configurations, fully supported by Dell

• Dell ProSupport available with purchase

• Same SLA’s available as when you purchase new

IBM Certified Pre-Owned

Leveraging IBM Certified Pre-Owned x-Series, p-Series, z-Series and Storage inventory is a great way to reduce your organization's capital expenditure costs for many current and discontinued IBM Server and Storage products that you require in your IT infrastructure.

• Typical Savings 80-95% Off List

• Expedited Lead Times

• All IBM products are maintenance eligible

Juniper Certified Pre-Owned

Leveraging Juniper Certified Pre-owned inventory is a great way to reduce your organization's CapEx costs for many Juniper Networking & Security products you may require in your IT infrastructure.

Juniper Certified Pre-owned products are denoted with a -CPO at the end of the Part # and are factory refurbished.

• Typical Savings 85-90% off list

• All products are JCARE eligible

• All products come with Juniper’s 1 year “As New” warranty

• All products are updated to the latest firmware