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Your authorized HPE Reseller and Solutions Partner

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Your Authorized HPE Reseller and Solutions Partner

Procurri is the world’s largest HPE Reseller and is proud to offer an unbeatable catalogue of HPE products; both new and refurbished.

Working with Procurri, you can meet your end users’ multi-generational hardware needs by providing end-of-life, refurbished hardware alongside current generation data center and workstation hardware.

Our refurbished hardware supply is of the highest quality and provides the same performance and uptime as that of newly manufactured systems. Sustainability is held at the heart of everything we do – so if we can refurbish and reuse, we will always aim to.

We provide a strategic, partnership approach to our customers rather than a transactional one; working together to optimize your end users’ IT spend.

When Is The Right Time To Buy HPE Replacement Parts?

HPE genuine parts can be purchased at the points of maintenance, repair and upgrade of systems, or when ranges reach the OEM designated End of Service Life point.

Why Buy Certified HPE Parts?

All Certified HPE Genuine HDDs have gone through the HPE Hard Disk Drive Quality process, one of the most disciplined and well-structured quality processes within the industry: ensuring the quality, reliability and performance you’re used to continues.

What Are The Risks Of Buying Non-HPE Certified Spare Parts?

Counterfeit parts are widely available but come with a whole host of risks – including fire and damage, product warranty invalidation and even criminal consequences for businesses. Ensure you’re buying genuine by working with Procurri.

Introducing Q&A: Your Questions Answered

Explore our FAQ section! Procurri partners with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to elevate your channel experience. We complement HPE’s well-established channel with our diverse portfolio, unlocking fresh opportunities.

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