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Asset Management Project

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Asset management refresh project for America’s largest privately owned home care company

Project manager to handle IT Infrastructure plan

With assets in 600 sites across 42 states, our client, the nation’s largest private provider of services to people with disabilities and the largest privately-owned home care company, was due for a refresh, upgrade, and audit of their current infrastructure. The client needed an efficient, reliable partner to manage the project in a one-stop shop.

The Challenge

Given the scale of changes required, the client needed a partner who could provide:

  • Project management across multiple areas of expertise
  • Extensive technical knowledge across a number of product lines
  • One-stop service across 42 states
  • Cost efficient solutions


This large-scale project utilized our W2, level 3 engineers, with management multitasking a number of specialties and solutions. Having a streamlined plan put into place with cost-efficient practices in mind, the following steps were performed:

  • 600 sites visited
  • An audit performed on all infrastructure across all sites
  • Product extracted from site and sent to Procurri facilities for refurbishment
  • Useful equipment re-imaged with proper software
  • Valuable equipment redeployed back into the customer environment
  • Out of commission equipment sent through certified data erasure, asset disposition performed, and disposal in an environmentally sound manner
  • Remaining equipment re-marketed by Procurri with surplus profits split with customer

Business Outcome

With Procurri’s services, the customer had one point of contact to completely refresh their IT environment. The customer was able to retain valuable equipment and dispose of unnecessary assets with complete ease of business, knowing all practices were cost-efficient and environmentally safe, and compliant. This allowed the customer to use the surplus IT budget in other areas to increase their core business.

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