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How Safe is it to Recycle Old Servers, Computers, & Other Hardware?

How Safe Is It To Recycle Old Servers, Computers, and Other Hardware?

While businesses everywhere would love to generate value wherever possible; and doing so while investing in a sustainable initiative would be a win-win for them; the constant stream of headlines claiming hefty fines against corporates for data erasure failures and breaches certainly make ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) considerations difficult.

Indeed it’s no secret that businesses that breach data safety standards face grave consequences – and there are examples of this happening due to poor ITAD practices. It is imperative, therefore, that businesses only work with the highest quality ITAD service providers that are able to guarantee flawless security protocols and processes.

Hardware Disposal vs. Hardware Recycling: Data Standards

Any data-bearing equipment must be thoroughly wiped and sanitized before being either recycled, in order to ensure that there is no chance of retrieval. While the exact requirements for data removal practices vary between geographic location and provider, businesses should not settle for anything but the most comprehensive data erasure processes.

When hardware is being destroyed rather than recycled, data erasure is usually achieved through the physical destruction of the assets in order to ensure irreparability and therefore that no data can be recovered from it. This may be through shredding, degaussing, or crushing.

While Procurri will always prioritize recycling over disposal, all data destruction is compliant with NIST, DoD, NAID AAA, and HMG Infosec 5 standards; as well as all regional requirements.

Hardware Disposal vs. Hardware Recycling: Value Generation

When hardware is physically destroyed and disposed of, businesses must pay for both processes. Thereafter, there is no opportunity for value generation unless any assets that are not data-bearing can be salvaged and used either for recycled parts or for full refurbishment and reuse.

Procurri prioritizes recycling for sustainability reasons but this also presents the chance for value generation. Where hardware can have its data entirely and securely removed, it can then be either recycled or fully refurbished. At this point, Procurri utilizes its existing global distribution network to sell onward; presenting this value back to the ITAD customer.

Hardware Disposal vs. Hardware Recycling: Environmental Impacts

Procurri preaches sustainability – and we now operate as a carbon neutral organization. As a result, our ITAD services work on a zero-to-landfill basis.

Where assets are to be destroyed rather than recycled or refurbished, there are a variety of environmental impacts that businesses must consider. If an ITAD service provider is either incompetent in their practices or does not enact them with enough thorough protocol, the effects can be hugely damaging to the environment in which the equipment is finally disposed of.

Of course, the recycling, refurbishment, and reuse of hardware is the more sustainable choice for assets that are no longer required. Doing so negates the need for overproduction as a result of overconsumption, lessens the cost of asset procurement for those purchasing the refurbished pieces, and avoids the harmful impacts that disposal results in.

If you’d like to discuss hardware recycling for better sustainability and value generation with the safety of comprehensive data security, talk to Procurri today. You may be surprised by just how much we can offer!


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