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Sustainability Ranked a Top Priority

Sustainability Ranked a Top Priority by IT Businesses Worldwide in 2023

Procurri has long promoted a focus on sustainability and has strived to encourage organizations in the IT channel to embrace more eco-friendly and ethical business practices through both small steps in service and transformational change. As a carbon neutral organization, we also help improve the sustainability credentials of others’ supply chains, contributing toward ESG goals.

While CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policies and protocols were considered for a long time to be simply ‘nice-to-have’ initiatives that remained the domain of only the largest corporates with budgets to spare and PR stories to spin, this is no longer the case. With global authorities rapidly introducing legislation and other such requirements for businesses under their jurisdiction in order to help them meet their own sustainability mandates, combined with shifting consumer behavior demanding more ethical behavior, organizations of all types, shapes, and sizes must work to operate more sustainably.

While the coronavirus pandemic, geo-political turmoil, and ever-changing economical tumult all delay the ability of many businesses to be able to explore and invest in sustainability initiatives, 2023 looks as though these setbacks may finally have ended.

IT industry experts Gartner have made clear their predictions for the IT channel and its technology trends through the year ahead, and they echo this sentiment. The first priority on CEO lists for 2023? Sustainability!

Traversing all of the strategic technology trends across the next 12 months, CEOs surveyed by Gartner reported that environmental and social changes now rank as a top three priority for investors, after profit and revenue. This means that executives will need to invest more finances and resources into solutions that are designed specifically to meet ESG goals. To achieve this, Gartner expects to see investment made into new sustainable technology frameworks to increase the energy efficiency of IT services, the enablement of enterprise sustainability through technologies like traceability, analytics, AI, and renewable energy, and the deployment of IT solutions to help customers and end users achieve their own sustainability-related goals.

This said, Gartner’s other recent survey focusing on 2023 shows a mixed picture of business appetite. While it is expected that overall IT business spending will increase through the year, consumers are continuing to feel the pinch; and so such expenditure must be sure to benefit end users and provide unrivaled value for them that surpasses the perception of any outlay made.

While this certainly provides a tricky void for IT service providers to fill, this spells positive news for Procurri through times ahead! With our continued commitment to sustainability, recycle, reuse, and value maximization, Procurri’s services are set to become more valuable – and more valued – than ever. With the team always on hand to tailor our solutions to your business and explore options for further support, a focus on sustainability may be easier than you think.

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