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IBM Storage Prices Set to Rise

IBM Storage Prices Set to Rise Jan 1st. Here’s How to Beat Them!

It’s been a tricky few years for businesses, and those in tech have been hit hard with varying issues around supply chains, rising prices, and plenty of socio-economic changes shifting the market. Now, to contribute, a major OEM has announced a price rise on its storage products – and it’s set to affect potentially millions of customers.

Who has announced price rises and who will they impact?

IBM has announced that the purchase price of a broad range of storage products will increase from January 1st, 2023; essentially meaning that these products are no longer available at their current prices. All products subject to a price rise are listed on their website. These new pricing levels won’t impact customers in the US (yet: although there’s no indication as to whether they may in the future) but will apply to those in Canada, Europe, Japan, and parts of Africa, including Morocco and South Africa.

How much is IBM’s 2023 storage product price rise?

The exact price increase of each storage product varies, but most are set to rise between 5-10%.

However, the variance in price does depend on the territory in which it is being sold. For example, models in the FlashSystem 5000 and 7000 portfolios are increasing c5% in price everywhere except for Japan, where this increase is double to c10%. The FlashSystem 9000 line, Elastic Storage System, IBM SAN Volume Controller, and Cloud Object Storage are climbing by around 10% everywhere except for Canada and Switzerland, which are facing a lesser 5% rise.

There are some models that aren’t subject to quite such high location variance. The DS8000 high-performance high-capacity disk arrays are rising by c10% everywhere, and tape libraries are rising by about half that.

Is there anything else customers should know about IBM’s planned price increase?

The OEM’s website states that the terms and conditions of existing contracts will determine the applicability and specific effect of all price changes, so if customers are worried, it is worth contacting them to learn more.

Why is IBM rising its prices?

While OEMs do occasionally give reasons for their changing prices, this time round IBM haven’t. Speculatively, however, it’s fair to assume that a pricing overhaul now will be reflective of an increase in costs due to inflation and rising energy prices – something that is impacting us all!

How can we avoid the IBM price rise?

A common misconception around storage solutions is that businesses need to purchase new assets once a newer range is released, or once their existing equipment hits its ‘end-of-life’ point. In fact, such investment can be easily avoided through the usage of a Third Maintenance provider; and Procurri offers exactly this!

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