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ITAD (IT Asset Disposition): The Options Available for Businesses

ITAD is the industry term used when referring to the disposal of IT equipment once it has reached the end of its functional life, incorporating the safe and ethical disposition of e-waste in line with legal safety regulations and guidelines. Procurri turns this long-established industry practice on its head – offering a variety of options that don’t just comprise wiping data and disposing of hardware.

Always working to offer the most ethical and environmentally friendly service possible and to break the norm, Procurri has various options available for customers; which would you pick?

All Procurri’s ITAD and Lifecycle services are carried out in full compliance with regulatory guidelines and procedures such as WEEE, R2, and e-Standards as well as the highest best practice standards. Every asset is tracked by serial number to monitor its progress through the process and determine its final disposition path in line with client requirements. Procurri’s global accreditations include ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, ADISA, NAID, and Cyber Essentials but the legal protocol never forms the maximum requirement for Procurri ITAD; it is often the minimum.

ITAD: Recycling

Almost 60 million tonnes and $10B of precious metals of e-waste are dumped annually, with devastating consequences on the environment. Wherever possible, Procurri recycles any part of disposed hardware where it can be safely and securely reused. Depending on the cosmetic and functional condition of the equipment, this may be for reuse as computing hardware, similar tech activity, or even an entirely new item. If items can be recycled with money generated as a result, this saving will be passed on to the customer.

ITAD: Refurbishment for Remarketing and Resale

Hardware manufactured by the most popular OEMs is often very much in demand even past its designated EOSL (End of Service Life) point and so further value can be derived from such assets provided they’re not in critically damaged condition. Where possible, Procurri will securely and wholly erase all the data from the client’s equipment before refurbishing it, remarketing it, and reselling it on. This provides an income stream from the hardware even when it’s no longer used by the original business which is passed on directly to the customer and supplies an affordable solution for smaller organizations who are unable to invest heavily in new server, storage, and networking products – a win-win! Procurri sells items through both mature and emerging channels to maximize returns; with high-value items sold individually through B2C channels whilst also utilizing spares for its global hardware break-fix maintenance offering.

ITAD: Safe Disposal

Of course, a point does come where data center equipment is rendered entirely unusable and must be disposed of. While this is always offered as the final option, where it is carried out it is only to the highest of ethical and environmental standards to minimize the impact of the waste. Data is erased and disks sanitized in compliance with the strictest data security guidelines including DoD, NAID AAA, NIST, ADISA, and R2 and HMG Infosec 5 to assure customers of safety.

If you’d like to investigate which ITAD options may be available and appropriate for your business, contact the Procurri team to discuss. You may be surprised at how much can be achieved from what’s usually written off as ‘dead’ equipment!

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