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ITAD Companies: Local vs. Global

When searching for IT asset disposition companies, one of the most common factors businesses search for is locality to them or the office/site from which they’re looking to dispose of their equipment. Indeed, there is a vast search volume for “ITAD companies near me” every month but how much does the geography of such firms matter to those employing them? Let’s investigate.

Local ITAD companies tend to be smaller businesses that specialize in a variety of waste types, with e-waste forming just one of their services. The large ITAD companies, like Procurri, serve their clients with both local country support and a global coverage model. Ensuring service and execution are consistent wherever the client resides.

Hardware Pick-Up

It is commonplace for localized ITAD companies to pick up their customer’s hardware for disposition and transport it directly to their own facility nearby for processing – this is seen by the customer as the benefit of engaging locally.  The reality is that the Global Provider with the same country coverage can and will offer a range of services to satisfy any customer ITAD requirement.

If provided with a complete and accurate equipment list, Procurri will be more than happy to finalize the prices prior to approval to make it a seamless process. Alternatively, if you have any gaps in your data, or you inherited a data list from a past IT director, and you do not have a full account of the estate, Procurri can provide an on-site visit audit capture, which will provide maximization of value. Oftentimes, customers allow us to permit takeaway of equipment, so we can then perform a full inventory asset capture, which would then again provide a value back, or acceptance from the customer.

Data Erasure

The exact processes of ITAD companies vary between every business although there are numerous legal requirements to which they must adhere.

For Procurri, a full data erasure confirmation certificate will be provided to the customer and then a data-bearing pre-erasure audit takes place before the full disk sanitization begins. A full erasure and audit process is carried out before comprehensive erasure reports and certifications are provided, a transfer of ownership document is signed, a report of failed drives is compiled (if applicable) and a cost breakdown is confirmed. The tight SLAs for full completion of this important process are unaffected by global location; both the hardware’s initial site and the facility within which it is being processed.

Equipment Resale

The opportunities for refurbishment, remarketing, and resale of hardware vary by site and ITAD vendor but this is not overly common with small local ITAD companies.

Procurri offers the refurbishment and remarketing resale of all ITAD equipment provided it is in a satisfactory condition for reuse. Where this is the case, the hardware follows the above data sanitization procedures before each item is assigned an individual warehouse stock ID and warehoused ready for sale. Equipment is marketed to Procurri’s 5,000+ strong reseller community and resold or could be utilized without a hardware break-fix business model. A monthly report of all sales is collated and sent to the customer along with any funds raised.

Procurri has local teams but a global presence, allowing ITAD customers the best of both worlds when it comes to server, storage, and networking maintenance, and lifecycle and ITAD services. It doesn’t matter how “local” your hardware is to its nearest Procurri warehouse – the exemplary service you receive will be the same every time and ensure maximum residuals.


Procurri is a member of ADISA (Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance). ADISA’s objective is to promote the business process of IT asset disposal as a critical part of an organization’s Data Protection strategy. Working with an ADISA certified company such as Procurri ensures best practices within the IT Asset Disposal industry, so you provide your customers with industry-leading Data Protection services

Mat Jordan joined Procurri in 2014 as Sales Director of Procurri UK Limited and has been appointed as our Head of EMEA since 2016. He oversees our Group’s operations in EMEA.

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