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IT Redeployment

IT Redeployment: Asset Reclaim, Asset Redeployment, and Asset Remarketing Explained

Large companies with tech assets spread wide geographically often struggle with IT redeployment; that is, the management of their assets that allows them to be allocated to those who need them, where they need them, and reclaimed where they’re not being used either at all or to their full potential. Management of assets via IT redeployment and reclaim programs allow for businesses to ensure they’re maximizing the value derived from their IT assets as well as providing adequate equipment for staff to do their roles.

Procurri provides several IT redeployment and reclaim solutions to aid businesses in their asset management which can prove hugely beneficial in terms of value-add, cost-control, and optimized efficiency.

The Procurri WFH Asset Reclaim Program

Remote working, while perhaps embraced sooner and more keenly by IT companies than by other sectors, has truly transformed the world of work for organizations worldwide. The urgent nature of such shifts in working practices due to the coronavirus pandemic has meant that businesses have had to do what they can and put into place makeshift solutions for managing their IT assets through ad-hoc programs; but in many cases, with little to no practical management at all.

The Procurri WFH Asset Reclaim Program is designed for organizations with remote locations or global employees. Where a traditional on-site pick-up of assets isn’t appropriate or practical, instead a Procurri “Box” is sent to reclaim the equipment securely and safely. This allows for assets to be recovered easily from both lone remote-working employees or satellite offices in locales further afield than travel would warrant. Once returned, IT redeployment and reclaim opportunities can be identified and where practical, devices can be data-sanitized and reset before being sent on to another employee. The Procurri WFH Asset Reclaim Program is simple, scalable, and cost-effective for those with assets spread far and wide.

Asset Remarketing for Resale

When a business no longer has the need for equipment and doesn’t necessarily want to follow the traditional ITAD route of secure disposal (or there is no real need to), Procurri’s comprehensive remarketing program provides the opportunity for hardware to be sanitized, remarketed, and resold – optimizing ROI into the hardware and providing cash back into the business.

Procurri sells both through mature and emerging channels for refurbished hardware, this IT redeployment and reclaim method ensures hardware is never needlessly destroyed and helps supply smaller businesses with high-end brand-name equipment without having to break the bank on brand new products. The highest possible returns are achieved via our specialist product teams. Procurri’s network of global resellers provides ample opportunities for remarketing and resale for higher volume products – so those using the program can rest assured that no matter where they are or what they must sell, their unwanted hardware will find a good home.

IT redeployment and reclaim in any form allows businesses to maximize value, save on unnecessary spending, and provide efficiencies in their asset management – and Procurri knows exactly how to help.

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