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What’s the biggest risk to IT right now?

What’s the biggest risk to IT right now: Age or the Chip Supply Shortage?

Procurri works with businesses to mitigate and manage the risk and escalating costs of IT data center equipment as it ages – but now, it looks as though age may not be the only risk factor to those reliant on tech.

Businesses more than ever are reliant on IT and increasing levels of automated technology. Computer chips can be found in just about everything from smartphones and watches to cars and consoles. However, as everyone see in the news, there is now a worldwide chip shortage. While the economy and manufacturing process is stabilizing as vaccination programs roll-out and infection rates drop, demand still greatly outstrips supplies and businesses are still struggling to accumulate all they need.

As much as they may like to, businesses simply can’t stop their IT equipment aging. When it hits the end of its serviceable life (a date usually dictated by the equipment manufacturer), they seek to dispose of and replace data center items immediately. It is at this point that Procurri becomes relevant. Disposing of IT equipment is often not eco-friendly and replacing it often expensive. Instead, businesses can work with Procurri via its Third-Party Maintenance solution; to continue their systems running long past this regular ‘cut off’ date with no downtime and no impact on end users. Third-Party Maintenance from Procurri remains within OEM agreements and allows for a vast expansion of equipment lifespan. Facilitating the business to invest elsewhere as required and gradually accrue the financial resources to purchase new items when they are eventually required.

The world’s chip shortage only magnifies the need for IT equipment to work harder and for longer. Organizations face a genuine risk of not being able to access new or appropriate equipment as and when they expect to. Instead, existing assets should be optimized, and their value maximized. ‘Sweating’ aging IT assets for a long time only adds to their risk of fault or failure if not managed properly; and this once again is where Procurri comes in. Their around-the-clock service with expert technicians on-hand remotely and in-person urgently facilitates the full usage of aging IT equipment. Even if just to a point where suitable replacements with chips can be found. Age increases risk in many facets of life, but where business failure could come about because of it, it is imperative that businesses work with it.

Age may be ‘just’ a number, but so is the amount of chips falling short of demand. With two risk factors at play, why wait for to result in disruption? Instead, act – and ensure your services remain consistently great throughout.

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