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Why Buy Used & Refurbished Hardware?

Why Buy Used & Refurbished Hardware?

Procurri is the world’s leading independent provider of sustainably-sourced hardware and third party maintenance in the channel, offering everything from one-off spare parts to large complex server configurations for any business who needs them.

With the world’s largest global stockholding allowing us to supply hardware quickly, efficiently, and at impressively competitive prices spanning all major Tier 1 OEMs, it’s no surprise that we’re the choice of thousands of businesses worldwide.

Used and refurbished equipment isn’t the only asset class Procurri holds; although we source a great deal of it from our ITAD (IT Asset Disposal) business and OEM trade-ins. Businesses also have access to new open-box and factory-sealed hardware from new returns and OEM overruns, as well as OEM-certified refurbished stock from strategic partnerships and collaborations.

But why do businesses choose to buy this hardware from Procurri rather than brand-new assets directly from the OEM?

It’s no longer available from the manufacturer
Procurri holds legacy as well as current ranges of products from all Tier 1 OEMs.

New OEM products are too expensive
Hardware purchased from Procurri is on average 50%+ cheaper than sourcing new from usual channels.

The equipment will only be needed on a temporary basis
Procurri offers short-term rentals to cover data center moves or other temporary requirements.

The standard supply chain is suffering delays/shortages
While global IT markets remain disrupted, Procurri’s large stock withholds delay and constraint.

Only a spare part is needed and OEMs have a minimum purchase
One-off spare parts can be purchased from Procurri as easily as larger product sets.

Buying refurbished hardware is more sustainable
Buying used is a green initiative and Procurri boasts carbon neutral status.

Want to check Procurri’s stockholding for the part(s) or fully configured system(s) you need, need a short-term hardware solution, or calculate the carbon saving that buying used assets could make for your business? Contact your Procurri representative today.


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